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This device is locked Xiaomi as unlock

In the network you can find a lot of custom firmware for various devices. Some can be installed without problems, others cause errors, as the device is protected or for other reasons. When installing unofficial firmware on a Xiaomi smartphone, users are faced with the message This device is locked, how to unlock it and install the necessary software - read further in the article.

Сообщение в смартфоне Xiaomi This device is locked Xiaomi
The message in the smartphone Xiaomi


7763 MTS what is this service

All mobile operators provide their subscribers with various services. They are paid or free. Sometimes you will notice that some services are automatically connected, especially when they are no longer satisfied with money. We will talk about one of the services of the operator in this article - what is the service in MTS 7763 and how to connect or disconnect it.

Услуга "Быстрый платеж" МТС
Service "Fast payment" MTS


What does the letter E in music VK

VKontakte social network provides for its users a huge archive of musical compositions, which they can listen to at any time. Anyone here can make their playlist by clicking on the plus sign in front of any song. When viewing the list of melodies, unknown characters sometimes come across, for example, the letter E. Most of the users do not know what the letter E means opposite the name of the music in the VC, let's understand.

Иллюстрация буквы E возле песни
Illustration of the letter E near the song


Your graphics hardware doesn’t support all features (CSM) needed to run this game

Nowadays, computer games have reached the maximum level of realism. Most of them require a special video adapter, which would support all the necessary technologies for graphics processing. If you run a demanding game on a computer with a weak video card, you can get the error message "Your graphics hardware doesn’t support all features (CSM) needed to run this game." The error translates: your graphics card does not support all the necessary functions that are required to run this game. Most often, it appears when you start CS: GO.

Ошибка при запуске игр
Error running games


Sharapovo DTI what is it on the mail notification

Periodically, citizens receive correspondence at their address with the acronym Sharapovo DTI. What it is on the mail notification - very few people know. After all, apart from these letters, information about the sender is no more. In any case, there is no reason to panic. It is only necessary to recall whether the recipient has any debts. Usually, such letters are sent by the state services of the Russian Federation, traffic police, tax inspectors. (Further…)