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Out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz and 75.0 kHz / 60 Hz - what to do

When you start a game (or even when Windows starts up), the inscription “Out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz” (or 75.0 kHz / 60 Hz) may suddenly appear on the PC monitor. The appearance of this message usually means that the signal supplied from the video card is not supported by the hardware capabilities of this monitor. Below I will explain the reasons causing this dysfunction, and also explain how to correct the error out of range on your PC.

Мессадж о возникшей дисфункции
Message about dysfunction


There was an error in the DMG application what to do

One of the most unpleasant messages is “There was an error in the DMG application”, which the owner of a smartphone on the Android OS may encounter. Usually such a message appears after installing an application on the phone, or after various drops (impacts) of the mobile device. The very same phone after the appearance of the specified message begins to hang for a while. Let's figure out how to fix it.

Уведомление об ошибке в приложении DMG
DMG Error Notification


Unable to create object by object programming server

When performing network-related reporting operations, the user may encounter the message “The object cannot be created by the programming server.” The problem is caused by the lack of libraries for filing reports in the user system, an outdated version of the used web browser, as well as various dysfunctions in the PC. Below we analyze the essence of this problem, and also list the ways to solve it.

Уведомление о проблемах с сервером
Notification of server problems


The group or resource is not in the right state to perform the required operation.

When trying to launch a virtual Wi-Fi network created on a PC, we may encounter the message “The group or resource is not in the required state to perform the operation”. This usually signals the presence of any problems with the network wireless adapter, as well as the possible disconnection of the virtual network adapter from Microsoft. Let us analyze the causes of this dysfunction, as well as determine how to fix the specified error on your PC.

Уведомление о дисфункции работы ресурса
Resource Dysfunction Notification



Over the past months, webmasters of sites could see the warning “reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” or “V1 SHUTDOWN ON 2018-03-31” on the visual form of traditional recaptcha. Usually this is due to the need to upgrade outdated recaptcha (v1) to the current second version (v2), which has improved features and functionality. Let us examine in more detail what this means and what to do when the message “reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” appears.

Одно из таких уведомлений о скором отказе от первой версии рекапчи
One of such notifications about the early rejection of the first version of recaptcha


Downloads require access to device memory in Xiaomi what to do

When you try to download the file to the Xiaomi phone, the user of the device may receive the message “Downloads require access to the device’s memory”. Such dysfunction is usually caused by the peculiarities of the settings of the “Downloads” and “Browser” applications, because of which the access of these applications to the phone’s memory is blocked. We will understand the specifics of this problem and its solutions.


Epic Games Launcher: Looks like a network connection problem

When launching “Fortnite” through “Epic Games Launcher”, the player may encounter the message “It looks like there are problems with the network connection”, after which the launch of the specified game becomes impossible. With regard to domestic users, this problem is often associated with the activities of Roskomnadzor, which is unsuccessfully fighting the popular Telegram messenger. Let's figure out how to fix the network connection error in the “Epic Games Launcher”.

Шаблонное уведомление такого плана
Template notification of such a plan


Incorrect data storage format 1C 8.3 how to fix

Users of the accounting program "1C Enterprise" (version 8.3) while working with the program may suddenly meet with the message "Invalid data storage format", followed by a path on the disk. The error is massive, manifests itself over several years, and is usually associated with a violation of the integrity of the information base of the 1C program. Let us analyze the most common causes of this error, as well as options for its solution.

Сообщение о возникших проблемах с форматом хранилища данных
Reporting data storage format issues


0770 what's the number Beeline

Subscribers of the popular operator “Veon Ltd.”, also known under the Beeline trademark, can start receiving calls and SMS from an unknown number 0770. Having answered the call, a person can hear a foreign speech on a musical background, which leaves many users at a loss. What is this number 0770 from Beeline, and for what purpose they call from the specified number? Let's figure it out.

Разбираемся, кто звонит с данного номера
We understand who is calling from this number


System integrity violation detected in 1C what to do

When launching the popular 1C program from one of the latest versions (usually version or, the user may encounter a message “System integrity violation” detected suddenly. The program offers to shut down or restart the system, in the latter case the specified message appears again. What is the reason for its appearance? Let's figure it out.

Уведомление о нарушении целостности системы
Integrity Violation Notification