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PS4 error NW-31456-9 how to solve

Owners of the popular PS4 game console when trying to connect to PSN may encounter an error message NW-31456-9 or NW-31201-7 . Often this is due to technical problems with Sony servers (due to sporadic DDOS attacks), but there are also situations when the dysfunction is caused by the insufficient quality of the user's Internet. Below I will explain what this error is, and how to solve the error NW-31456-9 on your PS4.

Уведомление об ошибке
Error notification


PS4 error NW-31201-7 how to fix

When trying to connect PS4 to PSN, the user may encounter an error NW-31201-7 that makes connection to the network impossible. Attempts to somehow remedy the situation usually do not give any result, and the PS4 owner simply does not know what to do next in this situation. Below I will explain what the essence of the PS4 NW-31201-7 error is and how it can be corrected.

Скриншот ошибки в PS4
PS4 Error Screenshot


Driver loading failed \ Driver \ WUDFRd for device - Solution

When running OS Windows 10, the user may encounter a sudden "crash" of the system, manifested in its hang or reboot. When analyzing the logs in the events, it turns out that the cause of the error is “Driver loading failed \ Driver \ WUDFRd for device XXXXX”. Instead of XXXXX, any device can stand, but the most common problem is a USB device (for example, a standard flash drive). Below I will understand what this dysfunction is and how it can be corrected.

Лог о возникшей дисфункции
Log about dysfunction


The requested URL was not found on this server - how to fix it

When trying to go to a page of a website, a user may encounter the message “The requested URL was not found on this server”. This usually signals the presence of problems with access to the requested user resource, requiring the intervention of the site administration to solve the problem. Below I will explain the essence and causes of dysfunction, as well as explain how to fix the requested URL on your PC.

Стандартный текст ошибки
Standard error text


Unable to verify driver digital signature (code 52) - Solution

When installing any hardware device and corresponding drivers into the system, the user may encounter the problem of the latter, which are displayed in the Device Manager with error code 52. This error is related to the lack of a corresponding digital signature for this driver, which is why Windows refuses to support him. Below I will explain the essence of this dysfunction, and also explain how to fix the error "Can not verify the digital signature" on your PC.

Месседж о дисфункции в информации об устройстве
Message about dysfunction in device information


Error while executing a POST request to the resource / e1cib / logForm

When exchanging client-server data in the 1C Accounting program (usually versions 8.3.xxxx), the local PC operator may suddenly encounter the message “Error while executing a POST request to the resource / e1cib / logForm”. This problem is usually of a software nature, and is caused by an incorrectly written update to this program. Below I will explain what the error of the POST request to the / e1cib / logForm resource is, what are the factors of its occurrence, and how to fix it.

Сообщение об ошибке
Error Message


How to put punctuation marks online

When creating various materials, we may need a punctuation check of the text we wrote. Quite a few authors have different problems with punctuation, punctuation marks are not put in those places where it is caused by the rules, and sometimes they are completely forgotten. In an attempt to correct the punctuation errors that have been made, many authors turn to the help of professional philologists, or are looking for resources on the net that allow them to place punctuation marks online. In this article, I will analyze the currently working services, which allow both to insert punctuation marks in the text, and correct punctuation errors made by the authors.


How to ask a picture in Yandex from your phone and PC

When working with graphic content, the user may need to find an image on the network. In the implementation of this task can help a variety of network services that search for the right pictures online. One of the leading services of such a plan is Yandex.Kartinki, which operates on the basis of an exclusive Yandex technology called “CBIR”. In this article, I will analyze the opportunity to ask a picture in Yandex from my phone and computer, and what are the features of the implementation of image search on Yandex.

Разбираемся с поиском изображений на Яндексе
Understanding Yandex Image Search


Game Invest Hotels with the withdrawal of money

The laurels of the founder of the financial pyramids, Charles Ponzi, do not give rest to many businessmen, both in our country and abroad. No sooner had the sensational epic with “MMM” and “MMM-2012” authored by Sergey Mavrodi died down, as the Internet flooded projects based on exactly the same basis - the passion of the average person for “easy” money. In this article I will talk about one of these online projects - the game “Invest Hotels” with the withdrawal of money, I will explain what the essence of this project is and how it works.

Изучаем игру с заработком
We study the game with earnings


Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience, how to fix

When launching the “GeForce Experience” program, a user may suddenly encounter a failure of this program and the corresponding message “Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience. This dysfunction can be caused by various reasons, from the incorrect operation of the program itself to the absence of the necessary drivers on the computer. In this article, I will explain what the Nvidia GeForce Experience is, what causes it, and how to fix the error on your PC.

Мессадж об ошибке
Error message