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A script error occurred on this page - Solution

Every user at least once in his life faced with a script error that occurs in the browser page. A script is a small program that is written in the programming language Javascript or VBScript for a specific task that the browser must perform. There are many reasons for the error “There was a script error on this page”. The culprit may be the browser itself, its outdated version, the website you opened, or the Windows operating system.

Ошибка сценария в браузере
Script error on browser page


It looks like your computer or network is sending automatic requests.

Often a message stating that your computer sends automatic requests can be found in the Google search engine. The message appears under various circumstances, you can simply enter the captcha incorrectly to confirm some actions, and you may actually have problems with some software in the form of viruses and trojans. What exactly happened in your case, try to figure out further.

Подозрительный трафик
Suspicious traffic

(Further…) withdraw money what to do

iTunes is an online store of Apple, which provides both free applications and games for their devices, and paid ones. Historically, many users are puzzled as such an authoritative and conscientious developer as Apple has created such an incomprehensible, useless service in places like iTunes. Now it is also becoming known to many that withdraws money from a bank account and cards without the knowledge of the device owners. How can this be, let's figure it out.

Решаем проблему с
Solving the problem with


Audio service not running on Windows 7/10 what to do

When installing updates automatically on Windows, as well as installing other software on your computer, users experience a lack of sound. There can be many reasons for this, one of the main reasons is that audio services are not running in Windows 7 and 10. In this case, you can see on the panel below the monitor on the right side the sound icon will be crossed out, or there is a circle with a crossed out line next to it.

Включаем Windows Audio
Windows Services


How to fix Internal error 0x06 System error

The “Internal error 0x06 system error” error is found in Fallout, Skyrim, PeS, and other games from the popular Steam gaming library. This problem is not so common, which is why many people do not know how to cope with it. If we also take into account the fact that our domestic gamers like to download various mods and repackaged games from various torrent trackers and vareznikov, then the appearance of errors in such cases becomes more frequent. Let's look at the error in more detail and establish what can be done to fix it.

Устраняем ошибку Internal error 0x06
Fix the error Internal error 0x06


Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ...

Error message “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ... ”often appears when Windows is incorrectly reinstalled and less frequently in the event of any problems with computer components. The text of the error is translated “It is impossible to load the Windows operating system. Problems can be at the hardware or software level . "

Устраняем ошибку Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause...
Windows error failed to start


Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC

In the article, I will discuss two ways to play Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC. This is an exciting action mixed with strategy, as well as a mass of approved reviews. Last Day on Earth: Survival is a game in which you are invited to plunge into a world where the virus has hit all the people on earth and made horrifying and bloodthirsty zombies out of them. The character you control is one of a small number of people who are lucky enough not to succumb to the influence of the virus and now his main task is only survival.

Обложка игры Last Day on Earth: Survival
Cover of the game Last Day on Earth: Survival


Windows PowerShell what is this program

By installing a new version of the Windows operating system, novice users encounter new program names, which they previously could not have heard and whose purpose they do not understand. One such PowerShell application. If it is preinstalled in the OS, then for some reason it serves. What is Winodws PowerShell, users often ask this question. Let's take a closer look at it.

Вызванная справка в программе PowerShell
PowerShell popup window