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Failed to start searching for the game because your computer is blocking VAC

During the game DoTA 2 or CS: GO, players often cannot connect to the server due to an error that reports that your PC's applications or anti-virus software blocks Steam software components. Before we go to the solution of the error - “Could not start searching for the game, because your computer blocks VAC”, it is necessary to understand the terms that are present in the text of the error.

Окно с ошибкой VAC
VAC Error Window


VAC system could not verify your gaming session in CS: GO

A group of developers from the Valve company created a special VAC system to combat cheats (software that provides players with special features, but is prohibited by the rules of the game). This system is an embedded component of Steam. Some players who play CS: GO began to notice a frequently repeated error when opening the application - “The VAC system could not verify your gaming session in CS: GO”. This check is characteristic of its function, it is obliged to check the presence of a digital signature on each game component at each game launch. In the absence of a signature, it is her duty to block such software. If such a check is not carried out - the game will turn into complete chaos, everyone can modify the game to their liking and play better than others thanks to the cheats mentioned.

Текст с ошибкой при открытии CS:GO
Text with an error when opening CS: GO


Failed to initialize NVAPI with error 0xFFFFFFFE in CSGO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) - undoubtedly one of the most popular online youth shooters for the computer. The game has more than 14 million registered players; up to 700,000 unique users visit the game servers every day to compete with other players in real time. After a busy school or working day, we rush home to quickly launch your favorite game. But when starting, the system reports an error - “Failed to initialize NVAPI with error 0xFFFFFFFE”. Such a message can ruffle even the most balanced person. Therefore, in order not to be nervous, let's quickly solve this problem.

Ошибка в CS
CS Error


Oops, an error occurred on Instagram what to do

When using the Instagram service, sometimes users get an error - “Oops, an error occurred”, in Russian this phrase sounds - “Oh, an error has occurred. This humorous phrase does not tell us anything concrete. It can mean problems both on your side, on the side of your application, and problems with the server on the developer’s side. Exactly the same message can be seen when we try to access the web version of Instagram, the message is displayed in the left part, in the corner.

Проблемы со входом в Instagram
Problems signing in to Instagram


How to turn on the computer without the power button

What to do if the power button of the computer broke? Surely many users will be at a loss how to turn on the computer without the power button. The motherboard is not only the basis for "hanging" computer components, but also a means of communication between the modules. It also contains some very important details in itself, such as the BIOS - an add-on over the entire operating system and physical means, a battery that serves as power for the CMOS memory in a computer and much more. Not every user knows all the functions and capabilities of the modules and the motherboard.

Включить компьютер при помощи контактов на материнской плате
Turn on the computer using the contacts on the motherboard


How to delete badu account from phone

If you are a user of a social network, but for some reason it didn’t fit you and you don’t know how to delete a Badu profile from your phone, then in this article we will answer this and other similar questions. Badoo is a social network based on dating, which features support for many languages ​​of the world. The creator is a Russian businessman Andrei Andreev. In September 2011 social. the network was a success for everyone, in several reputable publications it was dubbed one of the most successful IT companies among European countries. Badu works with many countries of the world, but has gained particular popularity in Italy, Spain and Latin America. By rating portal Alexa soc. the network has reached 58 positions, and in the world ranking of the most visited sites ranked 118 in 2011. At that time, about 47 million visitors visited Badoo every month.

Удаление профиля Badoo
Deleting badoo profile


Error code 0x80070426 in Windows 10 how to fix

The 10th version of the most widely used Windows operating system in the world has already been released. Several generations grew up on it, and for all of its existence, it has changed beyond recognition. Windows has been pleasing us with its applications and interface familiar since childhood for the fourth decade, but unfortunately, errors still upset us so far. Error code 0x80070426 in Windows 10 appears after trying to enter a key when logging in to the system or similar actions. Consider the error in more detail.

Скриншот ошибки 0x80070426
Screenshot Error 0x80070426


Error 0x80070017 when installing Windows 7 how to fix

Every Windows user tries to upgrade the version to a newer one, because in this case we get newer and more modern versions of other programs that come bundled with the operating system. It is also worth knowing that the higher and newer your version of Windows, the less likely it is to encounter viruses and crashes, this is one of the main reasons for the release of updates by Microsoft. But when changing the OS, users often encounter an error 0x80070017 when installing Windows 7. How to fix it we will talk further in the article.

Скриншот ошибки при установке Виндовс 0x80070017
Screenshot error when installing Windows 0x80070017


How to remove the Taskbar on top of all windows in Windows 10

The "taskbar" of Windows 10 is not much different from the same item in previous versions. It also allows you to pin badges, shortcuts and other tools. But sometimes after the registry has been cleaned, the "Taskbar" may malfunction or not work at all. On its work, as well as on the system, in general, the actions of viruses can also affect. Next, consider how to remove the "Taskbar" on top of all windows in Windows 10.

Добавить/убрать "Панель задач"
Add / Remove "Taskbar"


The problem has led to the termination of the program

In the days when the OS was only created, numerous groups of specialists worked on them. This concerned all sorts of software, the component part of which was then the application programs. In our time, however, everyone can become a developer, to do this, it is enough to master an object-oriented programming language, of which an enormous amount has accumulated. As a result, a lot of different software appeared, created by innovators-rationalizers or just amateur enthusiasts. (Further…)