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How many pixels is 1 cm?

How many pixels are contained in one centimeter - it would seem, the question is obvious, there should be no dirty tricks here. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The fact is that a pixel is not a fixed value - it is the smallest logical element of a two-dimensional raster image that has its own size, transparency, coordinates, color. Therefore, we will take a closer look at these pixel properties and, to solve the problem, we will get acquainted with such concepts as the printer resolution (DPI) and monitor screen resolution (PPI).

Пиксели на фото
This is how the image looks like under high magnification. The small squares that you can see in this photo are the very pixels.


Yandex Maps do not work - fix the problem

Yandex.Maps are the most popular Russian-language search and information mapping service today. The resource audience is about 20 million users, and it is constantly growing. This is not surprising, since maps from Yandex are supplemented with a large number of convenient functions, such as searching by organizations, viewing street panoramas, images from webcams, monitoring traffic jams, etc. In addition, the service operates in 4 languages ​​and regularly (every two weeks). ) updated by developers from Yandex. Unfortunately, like in any other application, there are errors in Yandex.Maps that do not allow using any elements of the resource or them entirely. Because I propose to consider in more detail the reasons why Yandex.Maps do not work and try to fix the problem.

Сервис Яндекс.Карты
Yandex.Maps service


How to find out who viewed records, photos, wall in VK

VKontakte and Odnoklassniki are the two largest social networks in RuNet. They have a lot of differences. In addition to the functional features, assembly principles, capacity and number of servers on which different web elements and pages are located, these sites have differences in ideas regarding the privacy of users. And if in Odnoklassniki the opportunity to recognize the guests who viewed the recordings, photos and visited the page was implemented (for this, a special section “Guests” is even provided), then VK does not have this function. (Further…)

How to check batch code perfume online

After a hard search for services to check the online perfume batch code, I made a list, and I'll share with him in this article. When we buy a product for consumption, we often check the shelf life of the product. As a rule, it is indicated on the bottom of the package or on the side. If we talk about perfumery, then things are different. Most manufacturers (especially foreign) do not put the date of manufacture and shelf life on their goods. Instead, they use the so-called online batch code. Let's see what it is. (Further…)

How to return to the conversation in the VC, if I deleted the dialogue and left it

Vkontakte - the most popular social network of the Runet, over time, like other resources, is updated. The site interface, functionality, new features are changing. One of the innovations of VK is the possibility of creating so-called “Talks”, that is, dialogues, in which several people can be participants at once. This feature is similar to Skype conferences. (Further…)

Create cartoon online by yourself

Once, cartoons were created only by professionals at movie studios specially equipped for this purpose. But it took a little time, and now anyone can try themselves in the role of a multiplier. There is a huge number of sites that provide the ability to create a cartoon. But the functionality of most of them is limited to the generation of motion of objects drawn by you, using the storyboard. Naturally, if you are not a professional artist, then you will not be able to create a full-fledged cartoon on such resources. Therefore, we consider in the article the best, in my opinion, service that allows you to create an online cartoon at home, namely,

Фрагмент видеоролика, созданного с помощью goanimate
These are the cartoons we can create using the service «»


Pix2pix to draw online people

As you know, progress does not stand still. Science moves forward by leaps and bounds. Judging by the changes that have occurred in the world of technology over the past 50 years, we can confidently say that in this respect, exponential growth is clearly observed. It is even possible that the technological singularity, the onset of which was again actively discussed in 2012 by reputable scientists at the Summit devoted to this topic, soon will not seem just a hypothesis. By the way, even now we are witnessing the development trends of intelligent computer systems, expressed in the gradual complication of neural networks, which are the basis of AI (artificial intelligence), in expanding the range of tasks performed by them. But let's move on to a specific example. (Further…)

How to disable the Fn button on a laptop

PC keyboard is extremely thoughtful in terms of optimizing the use of the device. Here, with a limited number of keys, it was possible to get a huge number of combinations for which one or another action can be fixed programmatically. This is undoubtedly convenient. Notebook makers went even further and added an Fn keyboard to the traditional keys. And the presence of this button can introduce some uncertainty in the work with the device, especially for people who are just starting to master compact PCs. Accidentally or out of habit, touching the key, many users are inconvenienced, and they naturally have a question about disabling the Fn button on a laptop. This will be discussed further.

Клавиша Fn
Fn key on the keyboard


How to order a taxi UBER from a computer

With the modern pace of city life, ordering a taxi is already a necessity and an integral part of everyday reality. In this segment of the service market, there are quite a lot of offers, however, thanks to the ease of use and high quality, the UBER application stands out. Initially, this mobile application can be installed on a PC, which can facilitate interaction with the UBER service. How to do this will be discussed further.



Compress video without losing quality online

Brief description of services for compressing video files online; the article also presents an algorithm of actions and principles of operation of video converters. Storing in memory of your smartphone several movies or commercials of its own production has not looked outlandish for a long time. At the same time, many users will agree that no matter how capacious the drive may be, there is always not enough space in the device’s memory. In this regard, the desire to compress video without losing quality online seems quite relevant.

Сжать видео
Compress video online