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PKU Tax-Service that the letter came in the mail

In the Russian Federation, tax services have different functions. This state body performs not only the control of timely payment of the respective taxes of individuals and legal entities, but also performs registration functions. Therefore, the service staff has to work with a large amount of information. An institution was additionally formed for these functions - PKU “Tax-Service”. It takes part of the work of the main body on itself. In this article we will analyze what letters come to citizens from PKU Tax-Service. (Further…)

78007557553 what kind of phone

Many private enterprises and government agencies have registered telephone numbers. On these numbers we can contact the technical support of a company and solve any personal problems. Sometimes from these numbers make social surveys, offer new services and promotions. When carrying out such actions, subscribers can receive several missed calls to their mobile from the number 78007557553. What kind of phone is this and what organization does it belong to, in this we will try to understand further in the article. (Further…)

An error occurred in the SystemRef application - what to do

The large variety and popularity of Android smartphones from China, represented on the world market, are primarily due to the low cost of the devices. Unfortunately, there is no reason to talk about the high quality level of system software for such solutions. Very often, the firmware, under the control of which budget Chinese devices of little-known brands work, abound in various bugs, which makes it impossible to use the device fully.

Ошибка SystemRef
SystemRef Error


Blue screen of death 0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM how to fix

In various versions of Windows, the user often encounters the sudden appearance of errors that manifest themselves in the form of a BSOD screen and make working with a PC impossible. One of the most common errors can be considered a blue screen of death failure with the code 0x00000024 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM. Despite the fact that the causes of such an error are quite diverse, its elimination in most cases is possible using the available methods.

Ошибка 0x00000024
Error 0x00000024


SFS on Instagram what is it

People communicate in social networks quite a lot, in particular, on Instagram. And it is not a secret for anyone that for different purposes almost every user wants to have as many subscribers as possible. One gives you a chance to become famous, another - to increase sales, the third - to find interesting topics for communication. There are many ways to attract subscribers, one of which is SFS.

СФС продвижение в Инстаграм
SPS promotion on Instagram


How to see who added a friend in VKontakte

In dealing with people, we are primarily interested in his actions, and how they coincide with our interests. Everything in life is much more complicated. There is no friend around, so you don’t know anything about it. But the VC network has solved this problem - now we can always find out with whom our friend communicates and whom he added today as a friend.

Идентифицируем последних добавленных друзей у друга
Identify last added friends from a friend.


How to see who saved my photo on Instagram

Instagram developers recently announced a new feature in the application - the ability to save all their favorite photos. She promises to make our life a little easier and free up memory on your favorite mobile gadgets. And now the main question of this review arises: is it possible to find out who of the users saved your photos on the Instagram network, I will tell about it further.

Смотрим сохранённые ваши фото
Enjoying your saved photos


How to get VK stickers for free

VK Stickers is an enhanced version of emoticons. These images were originally supposed to show certain emotions, but now among them are many and just beautiful pictures with animals, movie characters, or famous people. Like my friends, I have been looking for the opportunity to get VKontakte stickers for free, and in this article I will share my findings.

Общая картинка стикеров ВКонтакте
General picture of VKontakte stickers


Rereboot to Bootloader what is it on Android

In any device running Android, there is a bootloader that is responsible not only for the correct launch of the system, but also for updating it - Rereboot to Bootloader. It controls the core of the operating system so that it loads in normal mode. Device manufacturers block the possibility of installing third-party software or even regular updates.

Что это Rereboot to Bootloader
What is Rereboot to Bootloader