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2147221164 (0x80040154): Class is not registered - what to do

In software 1C, as in any other, sometimes errors occur. This does not allow the software to function properly and can slow down the work of the whole organization. Therefore, you need to know how to cope with various failures. In particular, today we will analyze what caused the error “2147221164 (0x80040154): Class is not registered”, and what needs to be done to fix it.

Сообщение об ошибке на экране
Error "2147221164 (0x80040154): Class is not registered"


Download failed because you may not have purchased this app.

Many of us love to play games on your smartphone or tablet. This is so convenient, because most devices support quite powerful games, including the versions of those that we used to play on the computer, for example, GTA San Andreas, Minecraft, World of Tanks, FIFA and many others. But often the installation process of games is accompanied by the error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”, because the user violates the order of actions and the necessary files are either not downloaded or not stored in the right place. And today we will talk about what to do when you start the games (using the example of GTA San Andreas), the message Download failed appears on the screen of your mobile device.

Сообщение о проблемах при старте приложения
Error starting game


Promo codes for Pandao from bloggers new 2018

Mail Group has launched a new project - an online store Pandao, working directly with Chinese manufacturers. Pandao differs from its other peers in that descriptions of all products are presented here in Russian. And the fact that points are charged for purchases (a certain percentage of the order value), which can later be exchanged for products from a special section. In addition, points are given for registering and performing various actions in the online store, and are also awarded when using promotional codes. And, if you are interested in how you can score the maximum number of points, what promotional codes for Pandao from bloggers (new, 2018) apply, then read on.

Как получить дополнительную выгоду
How to get additional benefits


Error code 50 in SZV-STAGE - Solution

Electronic document management as well as paper, does not exclude the appearance of various kinds of errors. In particular, problems appear at the stage of submitting information about the insurance experience of the organization’s employees to the FIU authorities. If inaccuracies were made when sending the form CZV-STAGE, the report is returned to the sender with a negative protocol, error code 50 and recommendations for correcting it. Today we consider the situation when the error code 50 appears in the SZV-STAGE (the report is not fully accepted), and determine the main ways to solve it.

Отрицательный протокол
Error screenshot


How to disable Alice Yandex in the browser, computer and phone

Search engines are increasingly simplifying the lives of users. And on November 30, 2017, Yandex decided to introduce us to its new brainchild. How convenient to sit in front of the screen, instead of pressing the mouse or mouse too much, say “Hi, Alice” or “Listen, Alice” and enjoy the search results. But, like any extension, the voice assistant slows down the browser, and indeed the entire computer or mobile gadget. Therefore, many users are already trying to disable Alice, so as not to burden the operating system. And in this article I will explain how to disable Alice Yandex in your computer and phone, if you do not want to use it.

Диалог с Алисой
Dialogue with Alice


Web Companion what is this program

There are many websites on the Internet that use various fraudulent methods to lure money or personal data from users. Sometimes we ourselves enter the login / password from our social network accounts in forms on suspicious (unknowingly) resources, which provide third parties with access to important information. But software developers are not standing still and are constantly creating various means of protection against malicious sites - these are the latest versions of antivirus programs and special utilities. And today we will talk about one of these utilities. I will talk about Web Companion - what the program is and how it can protect us from visiting fraudulent resources.

Программа от компании Lavasoft
Adaware web companion


ERR_CACHE_MISS - How to fix the error?

When working in the Google Chrome browser, users may encounter such a problem when, instead of loading the necessary page, the error message ERR_CACHE_MISS appears on the screen. One of the reasons that are discussed below may lead to this, so it is necessary to carry out each of the proposed steps in order to find out at what stage the error takes off. So, we find out how an ordinary user can correct the error ERR_CACHE_MISS.

Сообщение об ошибке ERR_CACHE_MISS


Netsh winsock reset - what does the command do?

Our computers are constantly under virus attacks, as hackers are not asleep and are trying to gain access to personal information of users. Or ourselves sometimes experiment, setting up network cards. As a result of such actions, some programs or PC settings, in particular, WinSock, can be damaged. And today I will talk about how to return the computer to normal operation using the netsh winsock reset command.

Использование командной строки для решения проблемы
Enter the netsh winsock reset command