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Module loaded ... but DLLRegisterServer entry point not found

Extremely unpleasant error in Windows “The module is loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found” is usually connected with the incorrect functioning of the dynamically connected library (abbr., “.Dll”) addressed by the program during its work. As a result, the built-in Windows process responsible for registering the library with the OS refuses to accept it or cannot find it. A program that accesses non-working modules, respectively, does not function. Therefore, I propose to decompose this problem in order to understand how it can be corrected.

Сообщение о проблеме на экране компьютера
Problem report on computer screen


How to trim the GIF online

Today in the article, I will help you to cut the GIF online, and I will review several popular services. Often, to install avatars on social networks or simply to add to the site, we need gifs that correspond to certain parameters. What to do when the image is too large or if there are any extraneous elements in the photo that you would not like to see in the frame (someone's hand or leg, part of the interior or something else)? Crop. Photos can be cropped in length, width, or both. The program for processing gifs can be downloaded to a computer, but it is better to use special online services, as the latter:

  • do not occupy PC memory;
  • provide additional features for image processing;
  • they are needed very rarely and there is simply no point in installing them.


Unable to complete the request, there are problems with the interpretation of the jpeg-data

Surely many of us, working in the program Adobe PhotoShop, faced with the inability to fulfill the request due to problems with the interpretation of jpeg-data. This occurs when processing photos. You are trying to open an image downloaded from the Internet or taken from a hard disk in Photoshop, and you see a pop-up message about this error before your eyes. This article will discuss why it is impossible to execute a query, because of what problems arise with the interpretation of jpeg-data, and what needs to be done to get rid of this error.

Сообщение об ошибке выполнения запроса в связи с проблемами с интерпретацией jpeg-данных
Unable to complete the request, there are problems with the interpretation of the jpeg-data


Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed what to do

We need a computer first of all to access the Internet, where at every step a large number of dangers lurk. – ошибке Error 503 Backend fetch failed, и расскажу, что нужно делать, чтобы от нее избавиться. Today I will share information about one of these threats - Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed, and tell you what to do to get rid of it. It is unpleasant that this problem can occur absolutely on any device that is used to access the network, including mobile gadgets. But, as always, since there is a mistake, there are solutions created by smart heads, which we will use.

Сообщение об ошибке Varnish cache server
Error message Varnish cache server


What is 404 error and how to fix it

Today I will tell you what a 404 error is and with what actions you can correct it. Many users when visiting sites encounter that after clicking on a link or entering a URL, the portal does not open, and a message appears on the screen stating that the page does not exist or it has been deleted (Not Found - “not found”, or 404 mistake). The cause of 404 errors can be either user actions or server or browser malfunctions or an unstable Internet connection. Also, the page may simply be absent at a specific address - the site administration transferred it to another URL or simply deleted it.

Одна из форм сообщения о 404 ошибке
404 error message