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0770 what's the number Beeline

Subscribers of the popular operator “Veon Ltd.”, also known under the Beeline trademark, can start receiving calls and SMS from an unknown number 0770. Having answered the call, a person can hear a foreign speech on a musical background, which leaves many users at a loss. What is this number 0770 from Beeline, and for what purpose they call from the specified number? Let's figure it out.

Разбираемся, кто звонит с данного номера
We understand who is calling from this number

The content of the article:

What number 0770 in Beeline

The number 0770 is the service number of Beeline, which is actively working on the Russian mobile market. For many years, Beeline has been providing its customers with various forms of telecommunications services, including cellular services, wired and wireless Internet, IP television, and other forms of electronic communication.

The number 0770 from Beeline has been used by the company for marketing purposes for more than 8 years. The main purpose of this issue is the promotion and maintenance of a marketing campaign from Beeline called Hi.

This promotion offers its subscribers to replace the standard telephone beeps (when dialing to you) with a melody for an additional fee. The number for connecting this service is 0770, to which you can call, send SMS, or wait for a call or message from this promotion.

Since the company is actively working in the markets close to Russia, due to various failures it can offer Russians the conditions for the Hello campaign in Uzbek or Kazakh. This should not be particularly surprising, just hang up.

Реклама акции "Привет"
Advertising promotion "Hello"

Fraud from Beeline with this number

After we figured out what this number is 0770, let's deal with the numerous cases of fraud associated with this number. Beeline has been practicing frauds with number 0770 for several years, the essence of which was as follows:

  • Beeline subscribers start receiving various sms, ranging from informing about the connection of the “Hi” service, to notifying that any fee will be charged for the connection of this service. Details on the action are invited to find out by calling 0770;
  • The subscriber who understands nothing calls for help to the number 0770, thereby automatically activating the “Hello” service;
  • The robot informs the unaware subscriber that the service is already connected. Then offers options for various actions, the latest of which is to disable the service "Hi";
  • When the user tries to disable the service, the robot reports that the subscriber is the first person who refused such a wonderful service. Then the robot claims "technical failure" when the service is turned off, and then recommends calling back later. When you call the subscriber again, everything repeats again.

Thus, the Beeline company not only imposed a unnecessary service to the subscriber by fraud, but also prevented the disconnection of this service. Fortunately, over the past couple of years, Beeline has moved away from this vicious practice.

How to disable the service "Hi"

If the operator still managed to impose a paid service “Hello” to you, then you can disable “Hello” from Beeline as follows:

  1. Make a quick call to number 0674090770 (dedicated line to turn off the service)
  2. Call the operator and ask him to turn off the service “Hi” that you do not need. Some users dialed 0611 (answering machine), then 2-2-3-2 serial code, after which you will be connected with the operator;
  3. Disable this service through the "My Account" on your own Beeline website.

    Отключите указанную услугу
    Turn off the specified service


The number 0770 from Beeline is one of the service numbers of this operator, and is used to promote and popularize the Hi. In order to avoid regular cases of mobile fraud, I recommend in no way to respond to calls and SMS from this number, and the best option would be to add the number 0770 to the black list of your gadget.

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  1. For imposing a paid service on the client, the company may lose the amount of its money, any court will side with the deceived subscriber. We do not need paid services !!!

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