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78007557553 what kind of phone

Many private enterprises and government agencies have registered telephone numbers. On these numbers we can contact the technical support of a company and solve any personal problems. Sometimes from these numbers make social surveys, offer new services and promotions. When carrying out such actions, subscribers can receive several missed calls to their mobile from the number 78007557553. What kind of phone is this and what organization does it belong to, in this we will try to understand further in the article.

Identify phone number and organization
Identify phone number and organization

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78007557553 - what is this phone number and to which organization does it belong

Users who had the opportunity to answer an incoming call from the number 88007557553 claim that they were offered to use the services of Tinkoff Bank. Calls were received even by those subscribers who were already clients in this bank. The number 78007557553 is assigned to the operator TransTeleCom, which is a major provider of information services throughout the Russian Federation. In addition to telephony, the company provides high-speed Internet and satellite TV services.

Most often, subscribers receive calls from this number with a credit card offer. This kind of advertising has recently been very popular among financial institutions and is effectively used, despite the fact that it does not comply with the law on advertising in the Russian Federation. This may be as advertising for a particular product or service, and other proposals of a financial nature. You may be offered to issue loans on favorable terms or special bank cards.

Номера горячих линий Тинькофф Банка
Tinkoff Bank hotline numbers

When you are called with similar offers of services, you may be asked for some personal data to clarify information or to arrange services by phone. Do not do this, because at the other end may be fraudsters. If you are really interested in such offers, you can check the authenticity of the information on the official website of this bank. And after that, visit the bank in person to obtain certain services. I think you understand what phone 78007557553 and which organization belongs to.

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How to refuse bank advertising

If you are often called from the number 78007557553, then you can stop advertising with the help of a special call to the support service. Some banks allow you to optionally disable advertising on the site in the client’s personal account. This action will not be difficult and you do not need to look for a bank branch and make a written statement. This can be done using other methods of communication, for example, e-mail or a call from Skype. Contact this question on the hotline of the bank, from which you would like to refuse advertising and ask if this is possible.

If we are talking about advertising to your email address, here it is even easier to refuse annoying and unnecessary promotional offers. Open one of these letters. If you deleted it, then open the basket and select the desired letter. In the opened window with advertising text, lower the page to the bottom and find the line "Unsubscribe from this newsletter." Such a line is available in all letters that come to your address. Select it, and you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to confirm the unsubscribe from the newsletter. If you need to unsubscribe from the Tinkoff Bank advertising to your e-mail address, you can simply send the full name of your mailbox to with a request to unsubscribe from advertising messages.

Операторы горячей линии Тинькофф Банка
Tinkoff Bank hotline operators

Why do they call me from number 78007557553, although I am not a client of a single bank

Calls from the 78007557553 phone from the Tinkoff Bank organization can come even if you are not registered in any bank and do not use banking products. This is because you could get into the database of potential bank customers. Such bases of financial institutions are used in the future to attract new customers and offer various services. This question is so interested in representatives of banks that today you can find even whole agencies that provide information on clients, of course, not for free.

If you have a large number of pages on social networks with open personal information for all users, if you use services such as bulletin boards and other services where your personal data is publicly available, then you can easily become a member of the potential customer base. You should also remember if you have taken any social surveys. It could be questionnaires on entertainment Internet resources, perhaps you reported personal information by phone.

There are numerous cases in which, with the help of photocopies of the passport and identification code alone, loans were framed by fraudsters. You must be very serious about your personal information, even if you call 78007557553 and are called representatives of the organization Tinkoff Bank.

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