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How to open XSD file

When performing various forms of reporting (or even during normal networking), some users may encounter a file with the XSD extension. This file is usually a schema for describing XML data, but there are also cases where the file is a derivative of the Pattern Maker program. In this article I will tell you how to open the XSD file, which programs will help us with this, and also describe the essence of the error "The file does not match the xsd scheme."

Расширение XSD
XSD extension

The content of the article:

What is XSD

The term "XSD" is an abbreviation of the English words "XML Schema definition" . A file with this extension is an XML data description scheme that uses its own language to describe the structure of XML documents.

The xsd file describes the elements found in the XML document. Usually, these are fixed data, default values, data syntax, rules to which a given document should conform, and so on, with some elements often interrelated with other elements and refer to them.

The XSD 1.1 standard was approved by the World Wide Web Consortium in April 2012, with several important advantages over pre-existing XML schemes such as DTD (Document Type Definition) or SOX (Simple Object XML). For example, this is what XSD is written in XML, there is automatic schema creation, and so on.

XML Technology данные записанные в файл
XML Technology data written to file

Earlier, I described the program viewers of .EPS , .TIF and .VSD files .

How to open xsd format

To open most xsd files, it will be enough to use any text editor at hand (the same Notepad, Notepad ++, PSPad Editor, etc.). Also in the opening xsd format can be useful programs such as Microsoft XML Notepad, Oxygen XML Editor , Liquid XML Studio and other analogues.

If this file is the result of the work of the Pattern Maker for Cross stitch program (usually this is a drawing-pattern for embroidery), then such a file can be viewed either using the specified program or using a special viewer called “ Pattern Maker Viewer ”.

Вышиванка формата .XSD
.XSD format embroidery

The file does not match the xsd scheme - what is it?

However, there are situations where the description of the XML file contained in the XSD file does not match the actual data available in the XML file. The error can be either in the data itself or in the method of entering this data, and the system responds in a standard way, giving the above message “The file does not correspond to the xsd scheme”.

Скриншот ошибки Документ не соответствует xsd схеме
Error Screenshot The document does not match the xsd scheme

Often this situation occurs in the case of filing accounting and other forms of reporting, when a specialist of the controlling authority, when trying to open an xml-file, detects the error mentioned.

What to do in this situation? I recommend doing the following:

  1. Check the correctness of the data in the xml file , with an emphasis on the presence of syntax errors (extra hyphens, spaces, and so on);
  2. Update the program in which you worked with the xml-file (perhaps its current version is outdated);
  3. Contact the technical support service of this software (or technical support of the supervisory authority).


How to open XSD file? The answer to the question will be the use of any handy text editor (the same "Notepad"). If the desired xsd file is a product of the Pattern Maker program, then I recommend opening it with this program, or using the complementary tool for viewing the Pattern Maker Viewer.

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