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What does it mean to archive in Instagram

After the next update, the Instagram program received an archiving function. Now the photos that you do not want to show anyone, will be stored in the archive. No one except you can see them, much less comment.

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What is it to Archive

The developers explained the need for innovation and what it means to archive on Instagram - users often delete old and unnecessary photos and videos on Instagram. After a while, the content owner begins to regret this, as the images are needed again. Help in solving this problem and will have entered the archiving function. If you wish, you can unzip the photos and re-allow them to view all users.

Значок Архив на странице профиля в Инстаграм
Archive icon on Instagram profile page

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How to use the archive in Instagram

You decide what content you want to archive. Maybe these are personal photos and videos that you do not want to show anyone. Or images from the windows of online stores: for example, photos of goods that are not yet on sale, you can send to the archive, and return them from there when the products appear in warehouses. It can also be commercial photos that have no success with users. There are special programs for determining the popularity of photos. I hope you understand that this is archiving and why it is necessary.

Of course, if there are not very many images and videos on your page, you will be able to follow on your own which of them are the most popular and attract visitors and which are not. But if the content is too large, then the programs will provide you with invaluable help - track the number of comments, likes, involvement and other parameters of this post. After sending the photos to the archive, after a while you will be able to return them from there and see how the users will react this time. Maybe their reaction will change.

Archive images are not just in a special section. You can also open them, admire your photos or images that remind you of significant moments of life. You can send images to friends in private messages, re-read comments and view the names of users who have liked. In general, the archiving function is very interesting and convenient.

Example 1. You didn’t like how you look in the photo - maybe the light isn’t falling that way, or the figure is underlined. In a fit you wanted to delete this photo. Stand still Archive it for a while in Instaram and, when you calm down, review it again. Perhaps everything is not as scary as you thought. And here you can return the photo to its original place and continue to type comments and likes.

Example 2. It may be another option when you do not like the comments on your publications. You also decide to remove the photo or video that provoked negative feedback from users. After a while, you understand that the opinion of outsiders is just their opinion. And here it becomes a pity that the photo was deleted from the Instagram profile, along with those very comments and likes. I don’t want to exhibit it again, because I regret that I have suffered. And here again saves archiving - hide the provocative content for a while and remove it from the special section again when you decide that you need it.

Example 3. And, of course, a special conversation about personal photographs. Not everyone wants to leave in the profile photos of the former lover (s) or to expose the revealing images. And in the private section, you can enjoy the publications hidden from prying eyes as much as you like and share them with your other half (especially if it is currently away).

How to archive photos and videos in Instagram

It is clear that this archiving function will help to keep the necessary content in a secluded place, eliminating the need to delete information that has become unnecessary. If you logged into your Instagram and did not find the “archive” function, do not be intimidated. Update the program to the latest version. Then, in order to send the content to the archive, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the publication to be archived.
  2. Click on the menu in the upper right corner (three vertically located points).

    Отправляем фотографию в архив
    We send the photo to the archive
  3. In the list of actions that appears, select the "archive" function.

    Содержание картотеки
    The contents of the file

Content will disappear from public access and will appear in the “Archive” section. Exit the menu of this publication and click on the dial icon at the top of the screen next to your nickname. A menu with your archived content opens. The return trip is just as simple:

  1. Click on the photo or video.
  2. Open the menu.
  3. Select the function “Show in profile”. At the same step, the publication can be deleted forever.

    Возвращаем фото из архива обратно профиль
    We return the photo from the archive back profile

Content will reappear in your Ignstagram profile along with saved comments and likes. And he will return to his place, without violating the chronological order of creation.

Although archiving is still working in test mode, but, most likely, its capabilities will be appreciated and it will be permanently included in the Instagram functionality.

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  1. Is it legal to post a video with an insult to another person? And can this be banned without submitting an application to the court? Or just in court.?

  2. Please tell me, I created a page with my photo in the Instagram profile and wrote very badly about me. Tell me how you can block this page.

  3. Photos that I post in instagram are not saved in my gallery. Who can tell, please tell me how to make them stored there?))

    1. in the settings at the top of the "caps" there are three points. Click and adjust your settings😉

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