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Hall sensor on the phone what is it

Modern mobile devices have a large number of auxiliary sensors that transform an ordinary mobile phone into a smart (smart) device with a large number of functions. In addition to the accelerometer, OTG , gyroscope , light sensor and other sensors in many modern smartphones there is also the so-called “Hall sensor”, which allows to measure the magnetic field strength. In this article I will describe in detail what the Hall sensor is in the phone, what are the specifics of its use, and in what functions of the smartphone it can be particularly useful.

Магнитное поле
A magnetic field

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Hall sensor in the smartphone what is it

The Hall sensor is a measuring element (essentially a magnetometer) that determines the presence, intensity, and change in the intensity of the magnetic field.

The sensor got its name due to the “Hall effect” discovered in 1879 - the appearance of transverse potential difference, which appears due to placing a conductor with direct current in a magnetic field (American physicist Edwin Hall, after whom this effect was named, experimented with passing DC on thin plates gold).

Edwin Hall

The capabilities of the Hall sensor were useful in many branches of material production (in particular, in the automotive industry). Its use in the production of mobile gadgets allowed us to implement the following functions:

  • Measure the magnitude of the magnetic flux;
  • Automatically adjust the brightness of the screen at different degrees of illumination;
  • Determine a more accurate direction of travel;
  • Implement contactless control (using gestures);
  • Change the orientation of the image on the display of your gadget and so on.

In smartphones, the Hall sensor looks like a microcircuit, which outputs a signal in the form of a zero (no signal) or units (the signal goes). This signal is read by the smartphone, and depending on the specifics of the settings, the device performs one or another action.

Mentioned IC

Check if there is a Hall sensor in your phone.

So how do you know if there is a magnetic sensor in the phone? Usually, the presence of a Hall sensor in a smartphone should be indicated in the specifications of your device. If smart cases (of the Smart Case level) are sold for your smartphone model, then it is quite likely that the sensor I'm considering is present in your gadget.

Датчик Холла в телефоне
Hall sensor on the phone

At the same time, most modern flagship models of smartphones have the aforementioned sensor integrated into the internal functionality of such devices. I am sure you understand what a Hall sensor is in your mobile device, now let's see why it is needed.

Why do I need a Hall Sensor in the phone

In the manufacture of smartphones, a simplified model of the Hall sensor is used in several basic cases:

  • As a digital compass . It helps in determining the positioning of the device, determining the direction of movement, contributes to a more correct operation of the GPS;
  • When working with magnetic covers . The Hall sensor responds to the opening and closing of such a cover (often a cover-flip), respectively, turning on or off certain phone operating modes (for example, a display). Accordingly, it allows to reduce the discharge rate of the battery, contributing to its more careful consumption.


  • In folding phones (cots) . In such devices, opening or closing the lid turns the device on or off;
  • In other devices associated with the operation of the smartphone , in particular, in virtual reality glasses Google CardBoard, where the Hall sensor is used in the work of a single button of this accessory.

At the same time, the small size of the smartphone and the same small volume of its battery significantly reduce, according to experts, the possibility of using the Hall sensor.

How the Hall Sensor works [video]

When considering what this Hall Sensor is in your phone, it should be noted that this element, due to the small size of smartphones and other limiting features, cannot fully realize its initially rich potential. Nevertheless, the presence of this sensor in a mobile device allows you to make your smartphone more ergonomic and user-friendly - it is convenient to use magnetic covers, conveniently navigate the terrain, and even work with virtual reality glasses. All of the above allows us to conclude that the introduction of the Hall sensor in modern mobile devices is a useful innovation that will justify itself more than once in the future.

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