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The Internet is a digital reflection of real life. In addition to the variety of positives, he has negative, meeting with which is undesirable for a precarious children's consciousness. In order to protect our children from the odious influence of the network, we will use various software tools, one of which is the “Family Link” application from Google. The capabilities of this application allow you to set a measure of permissible for a child on the network, and thus avoid the influence of unwanted services and programs on him. Let's see how Family Link works parental control access code, and how to install or uninstall the specified application

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What is Family Link?

“Family Link” from Google is a mobile application from Google that allows parental control of a child’s phone. Its capabilities include the following tools:

  • Setting the sleep time of such a phone, when access to its functionality (in addition to calls) is prohibited;
  • Remote lock gadget child;
  • Setting the time of using the phone throughout the day;
  • Approving or blocking the download of applications from Google Play (for example, the student will not be able to download "GTA: Vice City", which has a PEGI rating of 18);
  • Monitoring the time that a child spends on a particular application;
  • Display the location of the child's phone and other features.

The program appeared relatively recently and caused quite mixed reviews from users. Some people extol the product features, others scold him for the increased complexity of the settings. De gustibus not est disputandum.

How to install Family Link

To install the Family Link application, will need a version of the application for parents ( Android , iOS ) and a version for children ( Android ). The parent version is installed on the parent’s phone, the child’s is installed on the child’s phone. Also, as mentioned, you need a separate parent and child accounts Google. In the case of a child account, you will need to create it from scratch (this account will be linked to Family Link).

To conjugate devices, do the following:

On the parent gadget:

  • Run the parent version of the application on the parent's smartphone;
  • On the question of the user phone, select "Parent" - "Next";
  • On the offer screen to become a group administrator, select “Start”;

    Станьте администратором группы
    Become a group administrator
  • Next, the program will ask if your child has a Google account. Click on "Yes";
  • A special code for the child’s phone will be displayed on the screen.

    Родительский код
    Parent code

On the children's gadget:

  • Take the child's phone, and run on it a pre-installed children's version of "Family Link";
  • An inscription about the choice of device to control. Click on "This device";
  • Enter the code, which is slightly higher displayed on the parent phone;

    Код родителя
    Enter the code from the parent phone
  • Then type your child’s Google account password, then click on “Next” and “Join”;

On the parent gadget:

  • The parent’s phone will ask you to configure parent access for the specified account. Tap on "Yes";

On the children's gadget:

  • Now we again take the children's gadget, on which the conditions of parental control will be derived. Click on "Allow" below;
  • Activate at the bottom of the "Profile Manager" called "Family Link Manager";
  • Next, enter the name of the child device, and select the applications that are allowed to work with;
  • Click on “Next”.

On the parent gadget:

  • Go to the "Filters and control settings" screen, there select "Configure parental control" - "Next".

    Adjust parental controls
  • Make the necessary settings that allow or block one or another functionality on the child’s gadget.

After that, setting up the application for parental control Family Link will be completed, and you can use its functionality.

How to remove the application by parental control

The removal procedure for Family Link is to follow through on a series of operations described below. Any deviation from the specified regulations may result in blocking the child’s phone and turning it into a “brick”. It is recommended not to engage in amateur, but to follow the specified algorithm.

Do the following:

On the children's gadget:

  • Run “Family Link” on the children's phone, and in the program menu click on “Delete account”;
  • On the next screen, select "Delete Account" again;

    Удалить аккаунт
    Select "Delete Account"
  • Then select the parent account that will delete this application from the child’s gadget;
  • Enter the password to your parent account, then tap on the checkmark below and read the confirmation message;

    Enter Parent Account Password

On the parent gadget:

  • Run “Family Link” on your phone, and select the child account from which you want to delete “Family link”;
  • Tap at the top of the button with three dots, and click on "Account Information";
  • At the very bottom of the page that opens, select "Delete account";

    Select "Delete Account"
  • Read the relevant information, put three checkboxes, and again click on "Delete account".

    Удалить аккаунт
    Tap again on "Delete Account"

On the children's gadget:

  • Go to the settings of the gadget, there select "Applications";
  • In the list of applications, find "Family Link" and delete it in the standard way. The removal process will be completed.

It is also interesting: - password recovery on the gadget.


In our material, we discussed how the Family Link parental control works parental control, and what access code is needed to enable and disable it correctly on your devices. Please note that an attempt to mechanically remove applications from a child’s device will block this device. Therefore, the whole procedure should be performed as described above, not a step without deviating from the algorithm proposed by us.

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