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Import and export mysql database using the console

Importing and exporting a mysql database using the console, I think, is the most versatile and most convenient way, compared to the same phpmyadmin, which you need to install and configure. And work with the console takes a minimum of time.

Of course, you must have access to SSH, either directly to the console, if this is your local computer, or to VNC.


First you need to create a database .

  # mysql -u username -p database_name <db.sql 


  # mysqldump -u username -p database_name > db.sql 

Replace the values ​​"username" and "database_name" with the user name and database name, respectively.

To export several databases, you can use the following command:

  # mysqldump -uroot -p -B base_1 base_2 base_3 > db.sql 

Where “base_1”, “base_2”, “base_3” are the names of the databases needed for copying, and “-B” is an indication that several databases are being copied.

Also, the mysqldump utility allows you to export all databases on the server into a single sql file. This is done by the command:

  # mysqldump -uroot -p -A> alldb.sql 

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” 15 Comments “ Import and export mysql database using the console

  1. In the one you specify.

    > db.sql saves to the current directory, where the command came from

    > /backup/mysql/db.sql saves to the dump folder, backup folders, for example

  2. There is in my opinion a mistake.
    Where exporting multiple DB pointer costs.
    I think it is worth fixing.

  3. Subjectively, it is better to use the following:

    mysql -u User Name -p Password -h Host Name Database

    in the mysql console that opens, enter:

    \. OurScript.sql

    then, to exit mysql, enter: \ q

    Seems to be something like that)

  4. this version of mysql doesn’t support 'multiple triggers with the same action when importing a database

  5. Tell me, what will the commands for creating a dump look like in the XP console? What are the differences from those given? There is no PHPmyadmin on the HAMRR server and there is no other way out

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