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The Internet is a digital reflection of real life. In addition to the variety of positives, he has negative, meeting with which is undesirable for a precarious children's consciousness. In order to protect our children from the odious influence of the network, we will use various software tools, one of which is the “Family Link” application from Google. The capabilities of this application allow you to set a measure of permissible for a child on the network, and thus avoid the influence of unwanted services and programs on him. Let's see how Family Link works parental control access code, and how to install or uninstall the specified application (more ...)

SDBL Error: The table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section

». When performing any actions in the 1C system (opening the document, installing the library, updating the database and other related operations), the user may encounter the message “ SDBL error: Table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section ”. This is usually due to a technical malfunction in the work of 1C, and to be treated in a number of ways described below. In this article we will analyze what the essence of this dysfunction is and how to correct it.

Configversion error (Further…)

Accepted by mail for long-haul transportation what does it mean?

Many of us order goods from China on various Internet sites. When purchasing a product, we begin to carefully monitor its delivery, hoping for a quick receipt of a much-anticipated package. One of the most frequently encountered postal delivery statuses is “Accepted by Mail for long-haul transportation”, which is rather mysterious in nature. Below we will analyze what is the postal status when it is displayed. And also we will list the main statuses that can be found when sending or delivering mail.

Принято для магистральной перевозки (Further…) what site

. Looking through any material on the web, we can come across a link in format. After clicking on this link, the Russian user encounters a notice of blocking this resource on the basis of Law 149-FZ. This link is a standard of references used in Telegram, the currently popular messenger of Pavel Durov. Below we will analyze what kind of site is, why there are problems in Russia with launching links, and what to do to circumvent state censorship. что за сайт (Further…)

Beautiful background for text on Instagram

Looking through the tape in our Instagram, we are delighted with the beauty of any image, which imposed a stylish quote. We would like to create something like this ourselves, but we don’t know where to get a beautiful background for text on Instagram, and how to put text we liked on it. Below we will analyze the list of programs and services that will help us in this, as well as tell you how to use them.

Красивый фон Инстаграм (Further…)

Registered letter Moscow 74 from whom?

Looking through the next pile of ads in your mailbox, we can stumble upon a notice of a registered letter, the sender in which the mysterious “Moscow 74” is indicated. Quite often, a similarly mysterious code “F.22” is also placed in a corner on such a notice, which also does not add clarity to the recipient of such a notice. From whom did the registered letter Moscow 74 come, what could be in it, and what to do when receiving such a notice? We will tell in this material.

We parse, from whom come the registered letters with the sender "Moscow 74"


Leaks in com Xiaomi what is it

Owners of Xiaomi phones may notice that after the next update of the operating system, an icon of the unknown Leaks application appeared on the working screen of their gadgets. When you start the application, a gray background usually appears on which “Leaks in com.xiaomi.mipicks” is written on top. Attempts to delete the specified application somehow do not end in succession, thus confirming that the application is systemic in nature and placed in the system by the developers. Below we analyze what it is Xiaomi leaks in com, and what to do when this application appears on your system.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

The Windows OS Registry is a huge database containing information about the settings and parameters of installed software, presets, user profiles, and other system tools. An important role associated with loading the Windows operating system is the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run branch, which contains a number of key parameters responsible for the automatic loading of various software components in the system. Below we list the most frequently encountered parameters in this thread, and also describe the activation of which programs they are responsible for.

Разбираем параметры указанной ветки
Parse the parameters of the specified branch


Not passed control under Part 5 of Article 99 44-ФЗ what does this mean

Having placed the information on purchases in the specialized “Unified Information System”, the customer can find out that the data sent by him received the status “Not passed control according to part 5. Article.99 44-FZ. This usually means that the procurement information submitted by the customer contains a number of inconsistencies with the requirements of the regulatory framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation relating to the procurement of state and municipal funds. Below we analyze the essence of this problem and its solutions.

Указанное уведомление
Specified notification


Registered letter Volgograd 66 from whom

Looking through the received correspondence among the heap of paper, we can find a notice of a registered letter waiting for us at the post office. The sender of this letter in the notice indicates the mysterious "Volgograd 66", about which we usually do not have any information. What is this strange sender, from whom the letter and what can be contained in the specified registered letter? We will understand this material.

Извещение с рассматриваемым в статье отправителем
Notification with the sender considered in the article