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Change voice online

Many fans of jokes and entertainment have probably heard about programs that allow you to change the sound of your own voice beyond recognition. You can change your voice to robotic, demonic, male, female, childish, and so on , and then use that voice in network communication (for example, via Skype). At the same time, there are still several services on the network that allow you to change your voice online, and even record audio with such a voice as an mp3 file. In this article I will tell you how to change the voice online, which network services for this exist, and how to work with them.

Трансформация речи
Speech transformation

The content of the article:

Features of changing voice using services

At once I will make a reservation that there are only a few such services in the network, and most of them have English-language functionality. The specificity of these platforms allows you to modify your voice online, record your voice online with effects, listen to the result, and then save it to your PC.

For what purpose would a similar online voice transformation be needed? First of all, this is entertainment, the desire to remain incognito, testing the sound of various voices during singing and so on. The advantage of online services, which I will list below, in the absence of the need to download and install third-party software on a PC, you simply go to the site and enjoy its capabilities. There are also special programs for the sound of the text by voice (a short description of the services by reference).

Слова отца голосом бурундучка
Father's words in chipmunk voice

Interesting! If you have not heard about the possibility of typing in a document only using the pronunciation of the required text in a voice, then you need to study the last article .

So which sites offer us a real-time voice change? We turn to their immediate listing and description of their functionality.

Voice Spice Recorder - simple voice converter

The first service to change the voice on the Internet online is Voice Spice Recorder . The service has two main features - recording your changed voice through a microphone , as well as text-to-speech (among others there are Russian-speaking male and female voices).

Интерфейс Voice Spice Recorder
Voice Spice Recorder Interface
  1. To change the voice online, go to the resource on the above link.
  2. In the center of the screen you will see two main tabs - Record Audio (audio recording) and Text-To-Speech (text to speech).
  3. Clicking on the first tab, you will get the opportunity to change the sound of the voice online. The Voice option will allow you to select several voices - Normal (normal), Hell demon (hellish demon), Space Squirrel (cosmic squirrel), Robot (robot), Man (man), Woman (female).
  4. The “Lower-Higher” slider allows you to add lower or higher frequencies to your voice.
  5. After you decide on these settings, click on the “Record” button, allow the service to access your microphone, and speak the desired text.
  6. Then click on the “Stop” button, after which the system will give you a preview of the result (the “Play” button).
  7. To save the received file, click on the “Save” button, the service will offer you to share this record on social networks (select the name for the song, specify the author and comments for the song, and then click on “Save” below).

Online Tone Generator - change the tone of recorded speech

This service Tone Generator allows you to change the tone of the audio file online. At the same time, his work is structured as follows: you load an audio file with your voice onto a resource, activate its playback, move the key slider to the desired value, and listen to the result (which can be saved to your PC).

Трансформируем голос ползунком
We transform the voice with a slider
  1. To do this, go to .
  2. Click on the “Browse” button and upload your audio file to the resource.
  3. Then click on the “Play” button, move the white slider to the desired value, thus finding the optimal sound shape.
  4. To save the modified audio file, tick the box next to the “Save output to downloadable file?” Option, set the key slider to the desired value, and start playing the song from the first second.
  5. When the song is finished playing, you will receive a link by clicking on which you can save the result.

Vocalremover - transform your voice

This service is a Russian-speaking competitor of the previous service, allowing you to change the tonality online. However, it does not work correctly on all browsers, for example, on Chrome it worked fine, and on Firefox it hung.

The rules of working with him are similar to the previous service. You click on the words “Download audio file”, click on the “Play” button, set the toner slider to the desired value, and if you are satisfied with everything, click on “Save”.

Регулируем тональность mp3 файла
Adjust the tone of the mp3 file

Voice replacement programs

If the functionality of the services listed by me did not suit you, you can always use the capabilities of specialized programs for voice modification. These include MorphVoxPro, AV Voice Changer Diamond, Funny Voice, Scramby Fun Vocorder, Clownfish for Skype and a number of other analogues that, after installing them on a PC, allow you to modify the user's voice in various variations.

For my part, I can recommend MorphVoxPro - after having correctly configured this program, you will receive a high-quality digital product for use.

Программа MorphVoxPro
MorphVoxPro program


If you have a need to change the voice beyond recognition online, the functionality of the network sites listed by me can be used for such purposes. Unfortunately, these services do not have a wide range of capabilities, therefore, to gain access to richer functionality, you should contact the special voice changer programs (MorphVoxPro or Clownfish for Skype) that you need to download and install on your PC.

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