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How to see who added a friend in VKontakte

In dealing with people, we are primarily interested in his actions, and how they coincide with our interests. Everything in life is much more complicated. There is no friend around, so you don’t know anything about it. But the VC network has solved this problem - now we can always find out with whom our friend communicates and whom he added today as a friend.

Идентифицируем последних добавленных друзей у друга
Identify last added friends from a friend.

Similar to real life, such a network “giant” as a VC, has touched on its integral parts - this is friendship and sympathy. As in everyday reality, there is a law here: “I know who your friend is, then I know who you are?”.

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The content of the article:

We look, whom our friend added to VK

To find out which of the “new ones” your friend has added to his friend, you can use several methods. They are all different - some option will be more difficult, but at the same time more informative, well, some will be simpler, but will provide only superficial information. Let's look at them all.

Method number 1 - through your own account

This method stands out for its sheer simplicity, but is only suitable when your mobile, registered in VC, is in your hands, and you know your login and security password as a keepsake. The phone is required in order to confirm login to your account via SMS.

If you do not have a confirmation by SMS code in the service settings, then your algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Go to the network and log in;
  • Open a section called "News";
  • Next, filter the news;
  • Select the item with the name "Reading".

So, we act in this way.

  1. Enter in the search engine
  2. On the page that opens, in the upper right, we register our own login and security password.
  3. In the menu items on the left, click on the "News" column.
  4. In the right side of the menu, click on the "Updates" icon. Something similar to the picture will appear.
  5. The figure will show news of all categories. For quick selection there is a special filter on the right. In it you can choose the category of interest to you.

    Новые друзья друга
    New friends of a friend
  6. We remove the tick from unnecessary points and see - our friend on VKontakte has added two people as friends (for example). Here you can see entries on the walls of people that your friend added to his friends.

“Pay attention!” The presented method will not help if your comrade has disabled the transmission of notifications about new friends in the settings. In this situation, we turn to method number 2.

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Method number 2 - bypass the ban on notification of new friends

The algorithm of action here is as follows:

  1. While on your own page, go to the Friends menu.
  2. Next, we are looking for the right friend by scrolling or by applying filtering on the right.
  3. The filter is extremely necessary - for example, we do not remember the name of a friend, but we know that he is from Moscow: here, the filter also helps out.
  4. Once we have chosen the right person, go to his page.
  5. Under his avatar, click on the item with the name of friends (links to the records of some of them are in the same place).
  6. After clicking on the icon we get a general complete list.
  7. Then select this list by pressing the keys ctrl + C and paste into the office program, for example in the WORD.
  8. After a day or two, again go to the page of a friend and check our list. New (added) people you will notice right away.
  9. We find out in which group our friend added a person.

    Сверяем первых друзей ВК
    We are checking the first friends of VK

We define the list to which the user is added as a friend.

The VK network has a unique opportunity - sorting all friends into separate groups: “Important”, “My Relatives”, “Colleagues”, etc.

Suppose we applied one of the above methods and determined that user “X” added user “Y” to us. We want to know why our buddy needs this new friendship.

We act like this:

  1. Go to your page;
  2. Click on the icon with the name "Friends";
  3. Choose the person we need;
  4. We go to his page;
  5. We open it "Friends";
  6. Go to the search bar;
  7. Here we enter the name of the new friend.

In the window that appears we will clearly see into which group our comrade introduced the new acquaintance. Well, either we will see that he is not a member of any group and belongs to the category of "General".

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