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How to see who saved my photo on Instagram

Instagram developers recently announced a new feature in the application - the ability to save all their favorite photos. She promises to make our life a little easier and free up memory on your favorite mobile gadgets. And now the main question of this review arises: is it possible to find out who of the users saved your photos on the Instagram network, I will tell about it further.

Смотрим сохранённые ваши фото
Enjoying your saved photos

Thanks to the Instagram photo bookmarks feature that everyone has been waiting for, many Instagram users will finally stop taking a screenshot of each item they like. In order to find it later in the online store, a glamorous restaurant, which never will go like that, or another haircut idea peeped in the accounts of show business stars. Not a new situation, is it? From now on you can forget about it.

Now all vending posts can be saved to your Instagram account and can be returned to them at any time. With the new function, there is no longer a need to scroll through the whole tape of clicked posts or your own photo library on your smartphone, in order to find the necessary screenshot.

Флажок закладок в Инстаграм
Bookmark checkbox Instagram

The developers have added a new icon to the bottom of each post, resembling a checkbox located on the right side of the icons for likes and writing comments. When you click on this photo check box, the publication is saved in the new “Saved” section automatically. All posts that have been saved will also be stored here. In addition, all the photos you have saved will be seen only by you, which is extremely useful and convenient.

The content of the article:

Can I find out who saved your Instagram photos?

In Instagram almost all functions are updated monthly. But, to tell the truth, the purpose of some of them is not quite correctly interpreted. For example, last year, the entire Internet put on the ears the following news - as if when you save someone's photo on Instagram, the account holder receives an instant notice of this. In reality, this is completely wrong - you will never know who exactly from Instagram users saved your photos. The only thing that is possible to know is the total number of downloads of your photo, the figure will be displayed under the picture.

Просматриваем сохранённые фото
View saved photos

For this reason, many Instagram fans are worried about the violation of their own anonymity. But this information is interpreted in RuNet completely wrong. Photos and videos sent to Instagram directly from the news feed are automatically deleted after 24 hours. And just then, when the received content user makes a screen photo, or saves it, and the account owner will be notified about it. In all other situations, the notification that someone saved our photos will not come to us.

We track who made a screenshot of your photos

Recently, the Instagram network has begun to notify users that someone has taken a screenshot of their personal correspondence. And when you send notifications of an intimate or confidential nature, this can be a real blow below the belt.

But immediately worth noting - this feature works only with the disappearing messages.

Operating principle

  1. It is necessary to go to the "Shooting" tab, which is located on the display in the upper left.
  2. Take the necessary picture if you want to add effects.
  3. An arrow appears at the bottom right. Click on it and choose the identity of the recipient.
  4. We send the created message.

“Pay attention!” Your notification will be visible only to the recipient.

We learn about the made screen

When we send an instant notice or a photo to another user via Instagram Direct, then it instantly disappears. Photos and videos disappear from the box only when the recipient opens them.

But individual users can manage to make a screen of our temporary correspondence. Instagram network will notify us of this fact.

The function is valid only for private messages. And when someone suddenly decides to take a screenshot of our public post, in this case, the system will not respond.

What is the way out?

Depending on the circumstances, we can contact the technical support service of the Instagram network, or try to personally contact the user who made the unwanted screen. But in the first and second cases, the problem will have to be solved independently.

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  1. Hello! could you help me? I have such a problem, in general, I reset the password and changed it. Why when I type a new password, it enters my account, but then crashes. What's the matter?

    1. Hello, tell your circumstances completely in your own words ... translate into English, write through which phones you went in (mark). what pictures I was throwing lately, writing with whom I spoke on the direction (2-3 examples would be enough). Well, the paper you write your name. login, and the last password, fota with a passport or with an identity card and send it all to the instagram manual directly to America. and they will contact you and restore you. don't thank

  2. It would be very cool if I made an instagram with music, FOR EXAMPLE (you throw out the photo) and you could leave the track underneath, it was very cool) I hope they will hear me

  3. Please help me, I don’t have an archive of stories in insta, the updates are carried out regularly but there is no archive and I found out that this is the profile and not the program itself, what should I do?

  4. Help me please. I want to see photos and videos saved earlier on Instagram, but there is no icon above, instead the statistics icon. What's the matter? How can I see what I saved now?

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