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How to check batch code perfume online

After a hard search for services to check the online perfume batch code, I made a list, and I'll share with him in this article. When we buy a product for consumption, we often check the shelf life of the product. As a rule, it is indicated on the bottom of the package or on the side. If we talk about perfumery, then things are different. Most manufacturers (especially foreign) do not put the date of manufacture and shelf life on their goods. Instead, they use the so-called online batch code. Let's see what it is.

Translated from English, Batch Code means "Party Code", that is, as the name implies, this is the so-called product lot code. By the way, this information is not intended for the consumer - this code was created primarily for sellers and manufacturers, in order not to check the goods for marriage separately, but to immediately dispose of the entire damaged lot, united by a common batch number. It is for this reason that the batch code does not have any standards in terms of content and its application. Now more about him.

Пример батч-кода
Here is an example of a batch code, here it is highlighted in red ellipse.

The content of the article:

Device batch code and how to decrypt it

It should be noted that, despite the lack of a unified system for applying a batch code (after all, as already mentioned above, this information is intended for the manufacturer and applies to the production batch, and not to the entire line), it has two uniform rules for applying:

  1. ; The characters contained in this code should not be less than two or more than ten ;
  2. , регистр не имеет значения. The name of the batch code should contain only Latin letters and / or Arabic numerals , the register does not matter.

Therefore, if you came across a perfumery product, the shape of the batch number of which deviates from these rules, you should be alerted - perhaps this product is a fake. Then I will talk about the best tools for checking the batch code for perfume.

Batch Code Content

If we talk about the information that the consumer will receive when deciphering the batch code, then it looks like this:

  • Date of production of the product until the day of its manufacture;
  • Perfume shelf life.

Batch Code decryption methods

So, there are the following ways to decrypt the batch code:

  1. The first decision is based on the fact that the seller directly to know the table of batch codes. As a rule, manufacturers supply him with such information. This is especially true for lesser-known brands, to which the seller, of course, will react with caution, and will not buy products from such manufacturers without a table of batch codes.
  2. The second method is associated with the use of official resources of the manufacturer. As a rule, on the official website of the company there is a feedback form and other contact information. Specify the name of the product and its batch code. As a rule, companies are going to meet their customers and provide this information. However, not all manufacturers are happy to share the decoding of the batch numbers, so I propose to consider the third, the most guaranteed, among those listed, the way to decrypt the batch code.
Переписка VK с представителем Avon
VK correspondence with Avon representative

By calling the Avon representative at the specified number and dictating the batch code, I was able to find out the production date and shelf life of the product. Therefore, do not neglect this method, it can help in some cases.

Tools for checking perfume code online

This method is the most effective among those considered in the article and is based on the use of specialized resources designed to decrypt the batch code online.

There is a moment mentioned at the beginning of the article - this code is intended not for the consumer, but for the manufacturer. Therefore, the data on such resources is collected by enthusiasts who for a long time, one can say, bit by bit, accumulate this information. So do not be upset if the search for batch code using such services did not bring fruit - most likely, the developers have not yet received information about your batch number. However, most of the batch codes are still contained in the database of such resources. Among these sites, the following should be highlighted: is the most popular decoding site for batch code. All others are derived from this resource. Among the shortcomings, we can single out the fact that the interface of the resource is English. However, to understand it is not a big deal. To check the date of production and expiration date for the batch code, you need:

  1. Go to this resource on the link - ;
  2. On the left you can see the search form “Cosmetic Calculator” - select the desired brand from the listed brands (Select brand) or use the Quick brand search form;
  3. In the line “Enter Code” enter batch code and click on the tab “Calculate” - done;
  4. Below, under the search form, appears the date of production of the product, its shelf life and the time elapsed since the date of manufacture.
Форма расшифровки батч-кода на сайте
Follow the steps to decrypt batch code is a Russian-language analogue of the above described resource. Unlike the original service, this resource does not have the form of a quick brand search. So you have to choose it from the drop-down list. Fortunately, the names are listed in alphabetical order, because I think there will be no particular problems with finding a brand. - the last site that I would like to consider in the article. Unlike its counterparts, in addition to providing the decoding of the batch code, the resource has a description of how to find it on the package. In addition, checkfresh monitors the latest batch code verification requests. Unfortunately, the site has a drawback - as a result of the decoding, information is given only on the date of production of the product, because its shelf life will have to be calculated independently. To use the service you need:

  1. Go to the website at the link - ;
  2. In the line "Cosmetic brand" select the desired brand, in the form of "Batch code" enter, respectively, the batch number and click on the button "Check" - ready;

    Расшифровка батч-номера на сайте
    Perform the indicated actions and click Check to decrypt the batch code.
  3. As a result, in our example, in addition to the production date, the site provides information on how to find the batch code on the Avon product packaging, as well as the structure of the batch number of products of this manufacturer.


Although the batch code shows us information about the date of production of the product, its expiration date, even it cannot be 100% trusted. Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers often supply perfume with fake batch numbers. However, in most cases, this code can actually show all the above information. Thanks for reading, I hope that the batch code decoding methods given in the article will help solve your problem.

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