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How to put punctuation marks online

When creating various materials, we may need a punctuation check of the text we wrote. Quite a few authors have different problems with punctuation, punctuation marks are not put in those places where it is caused by the rules, and sometimes they are completely forgotten. In an attempt to correct the punctuation errors that have been made, many authors turn to the help of professional philologists, or are looking for resources on the net that allow them to place punctuation marks online. In this article, I will analyze the currently working services, which allow both to insert punctuation marks in the text, and correct punctuation errors made by the authors.

The content of the article:

Is it possible to place punctuation marks using online services?

Despite the decent number of spelling services represented in the network, only a small number of them allows us to check punctuation errors in the text we need. This is due to the impossibility of creating at this stage full-fledged semantic algorithms that allow the machine to fully understand the text, and put the necessary punctuation marks in accordance with its context.

At the moment, the most efficient algorithms can only partially help in correcting the punctuation errors made by the author. Therefore, when writing any texts, it is necessary to place the punctuation marks yourself (some authors do it intuitively), and only then turn to online tools for checking the dots and commas online.

Work with such sites is quite simple. It consists in switching to one of these services, inserting text for testing into a special field, and then pressing the check activation button, after which you get the desired result. Missing or incorrect punctuation marks are usually marked in red, and a corrected correct alternative can also be proposed.

Consider the actual services that can correct the mistakes made by users with punctuation marks in the text. - a popular online tool for checking texts

“Orfogrammka” is a fairly popular free resource in the past, which eventually acquired a mostly paid character. It is worth mentioning that the possibility of automatic placement of commas in the service is not. In RuNet, it is considered one of the best, since the spell-checking algorithm used in it was developed in Novosibirsk Academgorodok by graduates of the NSU together with professional linguists. Nevertheless, the authors of the project declare that they have not yet succeeded in developing a perfect algorithm for verifying the text, because the project is only in its infancy.

  1. To work with the “Orthogram” you need to go to .
  2. Click on the "Cabinet" at the top right, and go through authorization on the resource (including using accounts in social networks).
  3. After that, it will be necessary to insert the necessary segment of text into the field.
  4. And click on “Check Literacy (F7)” at bottom right.

The free functionality of the “Orthograms” is limited to text verification up to 6000 characters, and the paid one - 40000 characters for one verification. The quality of work with punctuation marks from this resource is quite decent.

Проверка текста на орфограмке
Spell checking

Online correction. Rf - convenient service for checking punctuation online

Another really working resource that allows you to check online punctuation is the online patch.rf. In his work, he uses the capabilities of auxiliary programs of the “DICTION”, “Hunspell”, and “LanguageTool” levels, and finds spelling and punctuation errors quite well.

Working with him is no different from analogs. Run the online patch.rf, paste the text in the appropriate field, click on "Send".

На ресурсе имеется поддержка нескольких языков
The resource has support for multiple languages. - online punctuation

Among foreign alternatives for checking English texts, I would like to mention , which allows you to check English texts for various types of errors, including punctuation. It is also not possible to place punctuation marks.

The program has two main checking functions:

  • Basic (activated by clicking on "Free check") - superficial and quick text verification;
  • In-depth (clicking on "Deep Check") - due to careful and deep analysis of the text allows you to find errors that were not marked by a basic check.

Work with the resource does not differ from the Russian-language counterparts.


Broken network tools

You can also note other types of sites that offer punctuation text verification, but de facto do not do it. These are such as:

  • and others.

All of them do a good job with grammar, find incorrectly well-written words well, but are hardly able to detect punctuation inaccuracies made by the author and are not able to put commas online.


Above, I disassembled a number of resources to check the placement of punctuation marks online. There are only a few really working Russian-speaking alternatives, while the vector of development of such resources moves in the direction of their further monetization. Nevertheless, at the moment, you can use the service of the “Orthograms” and “Online Corrections”, and quickly check your text for punctuation online.

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