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How to know friends of a friend in a friend around

The domestic Drug Around social network slowly but surely wins its audience. Having started in 2009, it now has more than 5 million users enjoying great opportunities for communication in this popular social network. At the same time, the “Friend Around” functionality does not allow you to directly view your friend’s friends, as is done in “Vkontakte”, “Facebook” and other social networks. In this article I will tell you how to get to know friends of a friend as a friend around, and what ways we can help with this.

Смотрим друзей друга в Друг Вокруг
We look friends of the friend in the Friend Around

The content of the article:

We communicate with "Friend Around"

The working window of the “Friend Around” program resembles a standard instant messenger, quite similar to the previously popular ICQ. In addition to the template functions of the messenger, the DV functionality presents user ratings, the ability to publicly display your account (broadcast), the event feed and other similar functionality.

The application “Friend Around” is available for download both on a PC under OS Windows (can be downloaded from the site, and on Android and iOS . After installing and passing through the simplest registration (you will need to be linked to a mobile phone number), the user will be able to use the functionality of this application, communicate, make new acquaintances, and so on.

Пользуйтесь "Друг Вокруг" на ОС Windows
Use "Friend Around" on Windows

How to get to know a friend's friend in a friend around - the current method

As you know, "Friend Around" does not give a direct opportunity to view your friend's friends. All that is available to us is a short questionnaire and a list of photos that allow you to make a superficial impression about a particular person. For many users, this is not enough, because people are looking for possible options for viewing friends of their friends.

Nowadays the “Friend Around” functionality allows only one working way to get to know friends of a friend in “DV”.

  1. To do this, you need to go to your friend's page in “Friend Around”, and in his events (stories) to see with whom people he spoke and communicated (his own tape of events can also help, showing who your friend added as a friend).
  2. Thanks to this list, you can find out what people he has friends with and with whom he (she) communicates regularly.

This method allows you to “search for chains” of people you are unfamiliar with, with whom your friends are somehow familiar. And through your friends, through their tape, you can go to the people that you need.

Просмотрите ленту событий наших друзей
View our friends' events feed.

Other search methods

You can also use the standard search tools that allow you to find a user in Friend Around.

  1. To do this, click on the “Search” tab, at the top, click on the green “Change” button and select the indicators of your search (gender, age, relationship, country and city, interests).
  2. You can also switch to the “Friends” tab, enter your nickname, last name and phone number in special fields, and look for matches in the social network database, maybe your friends have already been in “Friend Around” for a long time and you will have the opportunity to join them .
Ищем друзей в "Друг Вокруг"
Looking for friends in "Friend Around"


The “Friend Around” functionality does not allow you to directly view your friend’s friends. To do this, there is only one active opportunity - use the tape "Events", demonstrating the actions of your friends. Fixing their contacts with other people will help you identify friends of your friends, thereby removing the question of how to get to know friends of a friend in Friend Around.

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