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How to enable the Yandex number identifier

From time to time, each of us undergoes telephone attacks from spammers and scammers offering to purchase a particular product, share credit card details, or simply visit a social campaign. To deal with them is quite difficult - when calling from unknown numbers, we simply do not know who is behind the incoming calls to us. In this regard, a successful find is the new function of the number identifier introduced by Yandex in its mobile application for the Android OS. Below we analyze what this function is and how to enable the Yandex number identifier in the specified application.

Разбираемся, как активировать определить номера в мобильном приложении Яндекса
Understanding how to activate identify numbers in the Yandex mobile application

The content of the article:

Features of the caller ID from Yandex

According to the developers of Yandex, the idea with the number identifier came to them quite by accident. The company worked with an employee with two phones, and when he received a call from an unfamiliar number on one of the phones, he searched for information on an unknown number on the second phone. The developers took this idea as a basis, deciding to supplement and automate the process. The update of the official application “Yandex”, published on April 11, 2018, included the “Caller ID” function, which allows you to receive information about unfamiliar numbers during incoming calls.

The function is available in the Yandex application, and works on later versions of the Android OS. On iOS, the appearance of this function is not planned - Apple has imposed restrictions on the implementation of such projects.

Функция распознавания номера доступна в обновлённой версии приложения "Яндекс"
Number recognition feature is available in the updated version of the Yandex application on the Play Market

How does the application work?

When an application is activated and a call is received from an unknown number, the program contacts the Yandex Cloud, where information is retrieved by the calling number. After finding the data, they are sent to the phone in the form of a notification.

Функция определения номера позволит избавить вас от назойливой рекламы
The function of determining the number will save you from annoying ads

Of course, the not always included number identifier from Yandex will give you full information on the requested number. The data on numbers located in the Yandex cloud consists of the Yandex database by organization and user feedback (all of them are processed by the special analytical library “CatBoost”). If there is no information on this number, then Yandex will warn about it, and after the call it will offer to leave a comment on this number. Whether or not to leave such a review or not everyone decides on their own.

При желании, ответьте на предложенные Яндексом вопросы, благодаря чего данные по данному номеру будут доступны другим пользователям
If you wish, answer the questions proposed by Yandex, thanks to which the data on this number will be available to other users.

How to enable caller ID in Yandex

To run the number identifier, you need to download (or update) the Yandex application on your Android smartphone. Launch the application, and click its settings button (three horizontal lines on top). In the proposed list of opened options, you must select the option “Caller ID” at the very bottom.

Активируйте функцию "Определитель номера"
Activate the "Caller ID" function

Yandex will request access to phone calls. Click on "Allow".

Нажмите на "Разрешить"
Click on “Allow”

If necessary, open the application access to contacts and phone, by moving the corresponding sliders.

Активируйте ползунки контактов и телефона
Activate the contact and phone sliders

When a message appears about the need to disable overlaying, click on “Open Settings”, and move the slider to the option “Allow Overlay on Other Windows”.

Активируйте данную опцию
Activate this option

If everything is done correctly, then you will receive a message about the inclusion of the number identifier in Yandex and will be able to use this function.


Above, we have analyzed how it is necessary to include the Yandex number identifier, and what are the features of the operation of this function. Its capabilities will be fully appreciated by users suffering from telephone spam and other kinds of annoying calls. Enough to activate the function of determining the number, and you will be spared from having to listen to advertising leaflets, save your time and good mood. And this is what we sometimes lack, isn't it?

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