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PCV Ltd. what kind of organization, a letter came

Many people who have previously taken loans from banks or MFIs can receive a letter from an unknown sender, RSV LLC, demanding to pay arrears. The text of the letter usually lists the actions of RSV LLC in the event of further non-payment of the debt. They promise you the arrival of collectors at home for the purpose of inventory of the property, visiting the place of work of the debtor and other similar penalties. Many rush to pay the debt on the bills specified in the letter, which should not be done. Below we will analyze what kind of organization RSV LLC is and what to do if you received a letter from RSV LLC.

Разбираемся, что такое ООО "РСВ" и какова специфика его деятельности
We understand what LLC RSV is and what are the specifics of its activities.

The content of the article:

What is this company "RSV"?

Limited liability company Regional Recovery Service (abbreviated as RSV LLC) was established in 2012. Its main founder is a well-known international collection company “CREDIT EXPRESS GROUP”, operating in Russia and Eastern Europe. The main activity of RSV LLC is the collection of payments and the credit information bureau, i.e. collection activities conducted in the territory of the Russian Federation.

м. Москва, ул. LLC RSV is registered at the address: Moscow, st. 68/70 Butyrsky Val, Building 1, Floor 2, Pom 1, Room. 4., Phones: 8-800-7757623, 8-499-7501576. LLC RSV website - .

Judging by the public reporting of the company, the activity of RSV LLC gives a decent profit and fully pays for itself. p1

What to do if a letter came from RSV LLC

After we figured out what kind of organization this RSV LLC is, let us analyze what to do if you received a letter from them. Like most collection firms in the Russian Federation, RSV LLC deals with knocking out debts from people who previously owed banks and microfinance organizations (MFIs). Activities are conducted on the psychological field, collectors try not to bring the matter to court, since the latter can be costly and take a long time. RSV Ltd. collectors are interested in knocking out money from debtors as quickly as possible and to the maximum possible extent, for which they go to various forms of tricks. For example, it could be:

  • Sending "letters of happiness" with a description of possible penalties. They promise you the arrival of collectors at home or at work with an inventory (selection) of property, arrival with bailiffs, etc .;
  • Annoying calls at different times of the day (although due to recent changes in RF legislation N 151-ФЗ, N230-ФЗ they may call you no more than once a day and no more than 2 times a week);
  • Distribution of defamatory data in social networks;
  • Sending empty judicial subpoenas to increase psychological pressure;
  • Various forms of fraud (for example, a promise to write off a debt when paying its part, which is not supported by a contract or other forms of documentation, etc.).

Collectors are not embarrassed by the fact that the period of the required limitation for debts (usually it is 3 years) has expired long ago, and they no longer have the right to demand debt . Everything is being done according to the methods developed over the years in order to get rid of the debt that a person has.

Цель коллекторских агентств - довести должника до стресса и заставить выплатить долг
The purpose of collection agencies is to bring the debtor to stress and to make debt repay

What to do if this organization requires debt?

When you receive a letter from RSV LLC, you must first determine whether you have any debts to banks and IFIs. Often, “letters of happiness” are received by people who either have never taken a loan, or have long paid off with them. Therefore, if you have ever taken a loan from any bank, it is recommended to contact this bank and find out if you currently have any debts. Writing a letter to the National Bureau of Credit Histories can also help.

If you have such debt, determine when it originated. If the statute of limitations is significantly over 3 years, then the lender has already lost the right to demand money on debt. In this case, it is recommended to simply not respond to letters and calls from RSV LLC.

Also find out if there is enforcement proceedings in your case (the court could have passed a long time, and you were not properly informed about it). The FSSS website will help in obtaining information on this.

Проверьте наличие вашего дела на сайте ФССС
Check your case on the FSSS website.

If you have repaid your debt a long time ago, and you have supporting documents (in particular, a bank reference on the absence of debt), scan them and send to RSV, LLC at

Remember that in connection with the latest innovations in the legislation, the collectors are directly subordinate to the service of bailiffs. Therefore, if they threaten with physical violence, call at night, come to work, commit other unlawful actions, then you will be able to complain about them to the FSSS. If this does not help, then submit a written application for their illegal actions to the police or the prosecutor's office.

Напишите жалобу в полицию или прокуратуру
Write a complaint against illegal actions of collectors to the police or the prosecutor's office


Above, we have analyzed in detail what RSV LLC is, what are the specifics of its activities, and what to do when we receive a letter from this organization. First of all, check whether you have any debt to banks or MFIs (you can also request a copy of the cession agreement on assignment of debt from RSV LLC). If you do not have any debt, or the limitation period on it expired long ago, then boldly ignore letters from RSV LLC - they have no right to demand money from you.

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” 21 Comments “ PCV LLC, what kind of organization, a letter came

  1. I began to receive letters with supposedly a debt on a sim card from a beeline, which I blocked about 2.5 years ago, and from where I don’t understand the debt, and the letters began to arrive 6 months ago.

    1. I, too, this comes from May. At first, she ignored letters, and today a letter arrived that they were suing me.

      1. Letters of notice of filing are elements of pressure. If the debt can be reclaimed in court, the collectors (or the creditor bank) would have done so long ago.

    2. The same situation. There was a SIM card from Beeline, which I officially closed, and after a year and a half I began to receive letters with messages that I had a debt of 6 thousand, and my case was taken to court, and they would be collecting them.

    3. A similar situation occurred with me. There was a sim card beeline, two years after its blocking, the same letters began to arrive.

  2. I really have a debt with a micro loan, but in less than 3 years, and the letter came, can they really be able to do something?

  3. My grandson also received a letter to the address at which they are in 2016. no longer lived, the apartment was sold, a grandson in the army. And the letter was received by the buyers of this apartment. They sent me a scanned copy of the letter, which did not even say what the debt was for. Contract No. ... from July 13, 2016 OD 500 RUB, i.e. debt for July 2018 1073RUR., 56 kopecks. And payment methods. I could not read everything. But how could a grandson be indebted if he has not been in this city since 2015, and the contract of July 2016?
    So few letters, 2 men came there and rushed to the apartment. Who are these rogues?

  4. Hello I received a letter stating that I was being sued in the contract No. .......... dated November 30, 2016, allegedly written, but I didn’t draw anything up on that date, I didn’t even request a loan. Here I sit and think for what they are suing me.


  6. Good day! I have a debt, I received a letter. I would like to pay, but confuse the details for which you need to pay. If you are looking for an organization, but it is online on TIN, then a completely different account is issued, not the one specified in the letter. What to do? To score payment for the details specified in the letter? What if the money does not go there. although on the phone they say the details in the letter are correct. What to do? Tell me what r / s you have in the letters specified?

    1. I would call the original creditor and make sure that the case was really transferred to the DAM, and would have clarified the details with them.

  7. Who writes such mediocre articles? If the statute of limitations has expired, it does not mean that they cannot demand repayment of the debt. The period of claim has expired, which means that if a creditor applies to a claim with a court, the defendant can use this fact to cancel the decision of the court. But, the creditor can go to court in the form of an order, and it can demand to return the debt in the pretrial order until the end of the centuries.

  8. Thanks for the information! Recently it came to me. But I know for sure that everything is fine with me. I wonder if I can sue this organization and demand monetary compensation from them for moral damage? I'll try. At least, I will consult.

  9. I also received a letter of duty for the beeline which I have not been using for two years and maybe more. Tell me what to do.

  10. I received a letter from RSV. my son has a duty in quick money. offer to pay 5000 rubles. and the rest of the debt will be repaid. the son is sitting in prison. two letters have already arrived with such an offer

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