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SDBL Error: The table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section

». When performing any actions in the 1C system (opening the document, installing the library, updating the database and other related operations), the user may encounter the message “ SDBL error: Table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section ”. This is usually due to a technical malfunction in the work of 1C, and to be treated in a number of ways described below. In this article we will analyze what the essence of this dysfunction is and how to correct it.

Configversion error

The content of the article:

Why there is dysfunction “Table or field configversion is not contained in the FROM section”

». Considering our error, the SDBL represents a whole pool of similar errors with the text “ Table or field not contained in the FROM section ”. Such errors are usually associated with database corruption due to various reasons, the most common of which is a technical failure in the 1C system.

Other causes of SDBL errors are also highlighted:

  • Using outdated configuration or 1C platform;
  • Problems with the cache server 1C;
  • Starting the system with insufficient permissions (for example, on behalf of a guest account instead of an administrator) and other reasons.

The error occurs when trying to update the database, add the document to the database, when testing the database for logical integrity and other similar cases. In this case, rebooting the system usually does not solve the problem.

Let's look at how to solve the SDBL error in your 1C system.

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Ensure you have sufficient rights to start the system.

First of all, make sure that you are running your system as an administrator. The lack of rights can lead to various problems when working with 1C.

Update your configuration (platform) 1C

Also check if you are using the latest version of the 1C platform (configuration). If necessary, upgrade your system to the latest version of the product. This can help resolve the SDBL error with the configversion field in 1C.

Use the Test and Repair tool.

This tool is launched by going to the configurator, where in the “Administration” section you need to select the “Testing and remediation” option. Wait until the end of the procedure, after which the problem can be solved.

Исправление ошибок
Correct errors in your databases

Upload and download Dt file

Good results in getting rid of the error “the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section” showed the method consisting in unloading and subsequent loading of the Dt file (an archive copy of the 1C base). To unload the database, go to the Configurator, there select “Administration”, where click on “Unload information database”.

Файл Dt
Download the Dt file

To load the previously unloaded database into the system, launch the Configurator again, go to the Administration tab, and activate the Download Information Database option. The error may disappear.

Загрузите базу обратно
Download information database back

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Reboot the server 1C

To eliminate dysfunction, we recommend restarting 1C server. Rebooting the specified server is usually performed automatically for 3-5 minutes, provided that the server has no connected users.

Clear the cache server 1C

In some cases, you can fix the SDBL error by clearing the cache of the 1C server. Usually the cache is located at:

c: \ ProgramFiles \ 1cv8 \ srvInfo \ reg_1541 \

There you need to go and delete folders with generated names. Note that in addition to the cache in this folder may be logs, as well as the full-text search index 1C.

Файлы кэша
Cache files in a directory

Clear tables in SQL Manager

и _ConfigChngR_ExtProps с помощью команды delete. You can also try clearing the tables of the _ConfigChngR and _ConfigChngR_ExtProps tables with the delete command.

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In our material, we discussed the causes of the error “SDBL: Table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section” and how to eliminate it. Among all the alternatives listed, a method with uploading database files (a file with the Dt extension) showed good efficiency, followed by re-loading. Usually after this error is eliminated, and you can use the normal functionality of the 1C system.

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