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Useful netstat flags

Just recently, I found out about some useful netstat flags. Before that, it was too lazy to deal with her, read the manual. :) Therefore, rarely used.

And so, here is a list of some useful, at my discretion, flags. They can be specified both separately and grouped (-atunp), when you run the net stat in the console.

The -t and -u flags are responsible for mapping tcp and udp connections, respectively. By default, nestat displays both tcp and udp, and active sockets.

The -n flag disables the definition of domain names for ip-addresses. For example, if there are a lot of connections, you can use this flag to avoid long waiting for replies from slow dns servers.

Running netstat with the -a flag will display all connections, not just active ones.

And the -p flag will display the name of the programs that opened the connections.

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