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Accepted by mail for long-haul transportation what means?

Many of us order goods from China on various Internet sites. When purchasing a product, we begin to carefully monitor its delivery, hoping for a quick receipt of a much-anticipated package. One of the most frequently encountered postal delivery statuses is “Accepted by Mail for long-haul transportation”, which is rather mysterious in nature. Below we will analyze what is the postal status when it is displayed. And also we will list the main statuses that can be found when sending or delivering mail.

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What is the "trunk transportation"?

We all know how fast and timely delivery of mail is important. One form of such delivery is the main delivery. This is a long-distance delivery by rail, road and air. Despite the existing misconceptions about the main route as a railway and automobile, the main transportation included delivery by air. The latter is applied in the case of delivery over the most distant distances, which can only be carried out effectively by air.

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The main delivery is carried out by land and by air.

» (ГЦМПП). For the management and control of the main delivery in the structure of the Russian Post there is a “ Main center of the main mail traffic ” (GTSMPP). Its subordination includes 50 trunk sorting centers (MSC), located in major cities of Russia. Mail delivered from abroad first goes to the MSC, is processed and sorted, and then sent to the local post office, where it is transmitted to the recipient.

According to statistics, more than 65% of all long-haul transport accounted for rail transport. About 30% is accounted for by automobiles, and only 4% is taken by air transport. It is the rail service that is considered to be the least expensive, reliable and efficient, and it is to them that the Russian Post most often uses.

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More than 60% of mailings are delivered by train.

Bulk delivery is often used when purchasing goods from the “Aliexpress”, “Joom” and other analogues.

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What does the status of Accepted by Mail for long haul mean?

The status “Accepted by mail for long-distance transportation” usually means that the goods that came from abroad, successfully passed customs clearance. Then it will be loaded onto the appropriate transport, and will go to one of the main sorting centers (MSC), where it will be sorted and sent to the local post office.

This status when tracking mailings

Long-haul transport may take several days, depending on how far the MSC is located. After the mail arrives at the sorting center, the package receives the status “Arrived at the sorting center”. Further, the mail will be sorted, and then sent to the recipient.

Basic postal statuses

After we have analyzed what the status of “Accepted by Mail for long-haul transportation” is, we will also analyze other popular postal statuses.

They may be as follows:

  • – посылка отправлена со склада продавца логистической компанией. Shipment from the warehouse of the seller - the parcel is sent from the warehouse of the seller to the logistic company.
  • – посылка благополучно запакована, промаркирована, и готова к дальнейшей отправке на следующее звено логистической цепи. Ready to ship - the parcel is safely packed, labeled, and ready to be shipped to the next link in the logistics chain.
  • – посылка отправлена из страны продавца в страну покупателя воздушным транспортом. Flew to the country of destination - the parcel is sent from the country of the seller to the country of the buyer by air.
  • – после того, как посылка будет доставлена в страну получателя, она получит собственный внутренний код. Departed from the airport (no longer tracked) - after the parcel is delivered to the recipient's country, it will receive its own internal code. The latter is not tracked by mail services. You will be notified of the delivery of the parcel to your post office.
  • – означает, что почтовое отправление задержано сотрудниками таможни для расследования. Detained by customs - means that the postal item is detained by customs officers for investigation. Such an investigation is carried out in a situation where the postal item does not comply with customs regulations. For example, a post exceeds a limit weight of 31 kg, or its value is more than 1000 euros, it violates copyrights, and so on. The investigation time can be from several days to several weeks.
  • – отправление благополучно прошло таможню. Issued by customs - the shipment safely passed customs. Next, the package will be delivered to the delivery with the help of Russian Post.
  • – отправление прибыло на склад для обработки, сортировки, маркировки и дальнейшей отправки получателю. Arrived at the warehouse - the shipment arrived at the warehouse for processing, sorting, marking and then sending it to the recipient.
  • – такой статус появляется в случае отправки посылки по неверному адресу. Submission - this status appears in the case of sending the parcel to the wrong address. The error is detected, corrected, and sent to the correct recipient.
  • – отправление прибыло в сортировочный центр для обработки и дальнейшей отправки получателю. Processing - the shipment arrived at the sorting center for processing and further shipment to the recipient.
  • – почтовое отправление прибыло в почтовое отделение получателя. Arrived at the post office - the postal item arrived at the post office of the recipient.
  • – посылка фактически вручена адресату. Presentation to the recipient - the parcel is actually delivered to the addressee.
  • – была осуществлена попытка вручения посылки получателю, но она по каким-либо причинам не удалась. Unsuccessful attempt at delivery - an attempt was made to deliver the parcel to the recipient, but for some reason it failed. Later, another delivery attempt will be made, or the parcel will be deposited on demand. If within a certain period (usually a month) the package is not received, it will be sent back to the sender.

The parcel was stuck in the status "Accepted by Mail for long-distance transportation" - what to do?

In some cases, our parcel may have the status "Accepted by Mail for long-haul traffic" for quite a long time. This may be due to the occurrence of various problems in the implementation of transportation. If your package has this status for a long time (more than 10 days), it is recommended to do the following:

  • . Send a complaint to Roskomnadzor . The latter has a convenient electronic reception room , in which you can create a complaint about the delivery of a parcel using the Russian Post. Click on the link, in the subject field of the application, select "Provision of communication services". In the field below, specify “Postal Services”, and even lower select the specifics of the complaint, for example, “Non-receipt of mailings”. Below, the text of the complaint will remain, enter the security code, and click on "Send".

    Submit a complaint to Roskomnadzor
  • . Write an application to search for mail in the nearest Russian Post office . You will need to take a passport, and go to the nearest branch of PR. There write an application for the search of your mailing. Despite the low efficiency of such searches, sometimes they give the desired result.

Complaints to Roskomnadzor are most effective. We recommend this structure to find out the exact fate of your mailing.


In this material, we have disassembled what means "Accepted by mail for long-distance transportation", and when the parcel receives this status. Usually a few days after receiving the specified status, the parcel arrives at the MSC, where it is sorted and sent to the local post office. In case of problems with the delivery of the parcel, we recommend contacting Roskomnadzor, where they will help determine the fate of the parcel and, if necessary, punish those responsible.

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