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SAP program what is it

Automation of accounting in enterprises today is the norm of our lives. Along with the popular and widespread 1C program in Russia, the SAP program occupies a significant market share in the field of enterprise resource management, allowing for planning, operational management and control of the company's resources. In this article I will tell you what the SAP program is, describe its features and functionality.

Описание Sap
Sap Description

The content of the article:

What is this SAP

The name “SAP” is an abbreviation of the German Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung”, which means “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing”. This name was given to the company by five former IBM engineers who, after dismissing the American giant, decided to establish their own company to develop software solutions for accounting and systems accounting.

The most well-known SAP software solution for large businesses is the SAP R / 3 resource planning system (R - Realtime - real-time work) created by the company in the early 90s. This system is designed primarily for medium and large enterprises, allowing for the automated management of the company's resources (accounting, trade, finance, personnel management, production, trade, and so on). I hope that after reading the article it will become clear to you that this is SAP.

Программа SAP
SAP program

In addition to SAP R / 3, there are other software solutions from SAP that depend on the specifics of the development (technical platform, data management, innovations, etc.)

SAP has been successfully operating in the Russian market since the beginning of the 90s, occupying a niche in almost 50% of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) market, which translates into “enterprise resource management”), the vast majority of large business entities have been using SAP services for a long time. At the same time, the installation and maintenance of SAP products is quite complex, requires highly skilled service personnel and significant financial costs (the cost of a software product and its maintenance can reach up to 10% of the company's annual turnover).

What does SAP advertising look like and what can you see on the video:

Most SAP software products are implemented on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server technical platform. The technology platform itself is divided into three main levels - a database server, an application server and a client module (the number three in the product name “SAP R / 3” means a three-level organization of a software solution).

SAP Benefits

Among the advantages of SAP, experts note the following:

  • Easy global integration of the product (settings for language, currency, cultural characteristics and other specifics is provided automatically);
  • Absolute minimum updates;
  • Provides information in real time;
  • Minimizes the occurrence of errors;
  • Allows you to create a more efficient working environment for employees;
  • Vendors have extensive experience in the optimal structuring and implementation of the system;
  • Fully customizable user interface that allows the end user to choose the most convenient operating structure of the product;
  • Takes into account the experience of the best companies in this field of business;
  • Covers virtually all areas of the company;
  • It can be combined with other software developers.

SAP Disadvantages :

  • Closing a company on a contract with a vendor - the contract ties the company to the vendor for the duration of the contact, which makes it economically unprofitable to change the vendor;
  • Inflexibility - the package offered by the vendor may not correspond to the specifics of the company, and debugging the package for the buyer can result in a significant amount;
  • The return on investment in the installation of the system can be delayed for a long time;
  • Project implementation does not always go smoothly and can fail.

Functionality of the program

If you think that you will understand the SAP program intuitively - you will find deep disappointment. They teach how to use the product at special long courses, where vendor specialists conduct detailed instructions on the product option, module management, and so on. For the curious, I can recommend a resource where you can download various books, articles and other materials on the functionality of SAP products.


What is this SAP? The SAP software product I consider is the undoubted leader of today's Russian market in terms of ERP solutions. Powerful capabilities of the product, the ability to debug for a specific company, continuous improvement and the pursuit of innovation make SAP one of the best tools for managing a company's resources. If your company is looking for such a solution for itself, then no doubt it is clear that SAP is what you need.

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  3. Good day! You write “For the curious, I can recommend a resource where you can download various books, articles and other materials on the functionality of SAP products.”
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