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SMS Partner MTS what it is and how to turn it off

When analyzing their expenses on the MTS website, subscribers of this operator may encounter an unknown item of expenditures called “SMS Partner of MTS”. Depending on the specifics of the month, the amount of payments under this item may differ significantly, and the specification of information on these payments is usually not attached. What does this mean “SMS Partner of MTS” and to whom these payments are intended? Let's figure it out.

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As you know, the services of the mobile operator MTS include not only voice communication, but also many additional alternatives. These are mobile Internet, SMS information services, mobile TV, downloading various gaming programs to a smartphone, subscriptions to online media and much more.

In addition to the operator itself, these types of services can be provided by various third-party organizations (Internet resources), with which the subscriber has previously issued any types of contracts (Internet subscriptions). They can be either free (for example, informing retailers of any promotions) or paid, in accordance with the services provided to the subscriber (paid music subscription, paid SMS informing and so on).

Writing off expenses “SMS PARTNER SMS” means writing off the funds of an MTS subscriber for any paid services rendered to him by various third parties. A subscription to a paid service subscriber may be conscious (for example, a person deliberately chose to pay for paid music), or be random (the subscriber simply clicked on a button or link). There are also situations when similar paid services were imposed on a person against his will (fraud).

Одна из подобных платных подписок
One of these paid subscriptions

Sources of payment by SMS Partner MTS

After a paid subscription, money begins to be withdrawn from the balance of the subscriber’s mobile account. They can be filmed both at the end of the month, and in an unpredictable way, on any calendar day.

Снятие средств за контент-услугу
Withdrawal for content service

When you find such charges from your account with the SMS status of an MTS Partner, you need to remember whether you have signed up for paid services lately. If you don’t remember anything like that, then it’s quite likely that you signed up for such a service unconsciously or fraudulently (virus, dubious SMS confirmation, etc.).

Pay special attention to the amount of write-offs - they will help to more accurately determine the specifics of a paid service.

Quite often, the source of a paid service is Sberbank PJSC, for which a subscriber can be subscribed to various paid services (for example, paid SMS informing).

Good to know: This type of communication is not available to the subscriber what it means .

How to disable the service "SMS Partner MTS"

In disabling the service, you need to understand that it is necessary to disable not the “SMS PARTNER SMS” (it only provides relevant statistics), but the paid service you are subscribed to.

How to determine what kind of service? There are several ways:

  • Use the chat form with a specialist on the MTS website (button at the bottom right). In the form that opens, enter your name, phone number and question, the support service will respond fairly quickly;

    Используйте чат на сайте оператора
    Use chat on the operator site
  • If you know the source of the paid service, you need to go to its website and unsubscribe from the paid service. This may be any paid subscription, paid SMS alert and other analogues.

If the source of paid services is Sberbank, call the Sberbank contact center (number 900) and ask them to disconnect you from paid services;

  • Use the "Personal Account" on the MTS home site. Go there, select "Service Management", and then "My Content". Here, go to the tab of the ordered content, and view the sections of the active subscriptions and stories of one-time orders. If you have any paid subscriptions - disable them;
  • Call the MTS hotline and ask the operator for what service you are charged money, and then deactivate the specified paid service.

    Ask for help on the hotline.


In the article, we analyzed the meaning of “SMS Partner of MTS”, and found out that this is a standard statistical marker that indicates the withdrawal of money from an account of an MTS subscriber for the paid services provided. It is necessary to determine the source of the paid service, and then refuse (unsubscribe) from it, thereby excluding the likelihood of such charges in the near future.

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