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. Looking through any material on the web, we can come across a link in format. After clicking on this link, the Russian user encounters a notice of blocking this resource on the basis of Law 149-FZ. This link is a standard of references used in Telegram, the currently popular messenger of Pavel Durov. Below we will analyze what kind of site is, why there are problems in Russia with launching links, and what to do to circumvent state censorship. что за сайт

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What is this site -

Site - is a resource that serves the functionality of the popular messenger "Telegram". The specified messenger was created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov (the latter is known as the creator of VK). From the start of the project in 2013, the number of messenger users has grown significantly, now numbering more than 200 million people worldwide.

Telegram Messenger in its work uses short links in format . Instead of username, some Latin name is used (username, channel name, etc.). If desired, this name can be changed in the user profile settings.

Пример ссылки
Sample link using

After clicking on such a link, the user is redirected to the user channel. After that you will be able to communicate with this user directly.

Why is it recommended to use username instead of real first and last name? Network security standards do not recommend posting your personal data on public social platforms. Such information, which has fallen into the hands of others, can be used for various fraudulent purposes, threatening us with loss of time, money, various forms of stress.

A good alternative in such cases is the use of a short user name (nickname), thanks to which it will be easy to find us among millions of other users.

Also, we previously dismantled that this is the site .

Popular messenger "Telegram"

After understanding what the address of is, let's see how it works. The concept of the Telegram messenger is based on the principle of user data security using the proven MTProto protocol. Telegram uses triple encryption of transmitted data, algorithms without storing data on servers, does not cooperate with the authorities. The functionality of the messenger allows you to transfer an unlimited number of files through it, maintain your own channel (microblog), use auxiliary bots. All this (and much more) inspires to consider “Telegram” one of the most popular and safest messengers in the world.

Телеграм мессенджер
Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

Lock Telegram in Russia

After we figured out what this messenger is, we will also consider issues related to its blocking in the Russian Federation. On April 13, 2018, the Moscow Tagansky Court decided to block Telegram in Russia. The reason was the refusal of Pavel Durov to provide the FSB with encryption keys, which give access to the correspondence of millions of users around the world. After Durov’s refusal, Roskomnadzor’s suit followed, and Telegram’s work in Russia was discontinued.

Дуров Конфиденциальность
Pavel Durov's statement in defense of confidentiality

Accordingly, access to the site we are considering is already blocked in the Russian Federation. After clicking on such a link, you usually get a message notifying that the resource has been blocked. вместо в тексте ссылок. An effective alternative is to use the site instead of in the text links. . Thus, instead of, you must use . Such a link is quite clickable, and you can easily switch to the desired channel in Telegram bypassing the blocking of Roskomnadzor.

For an easy transformation of your link, we recommend visiting the specified . Insert the initial link in the field on the site (using, and click on the "Convert" button. You will receive a link using, and will be able to continue to use the rich capabilities of Telegram.
Simple links converter on

An alternative to this method is the use of various VPN services. With their help, you can easily bypass the blockages of state censors, and always have access to your favorite network resources.


In our material we have disassembled, that for the site, and how to bypass the blocking of this site by the state authorities. We recommend using VPN or support tools. They will help you to continue to use the functionality of your favorite Telegram messenger.

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