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UBank what is this program

With the development of digital technology, the number of operations that we can carry out right from home using our mobile phone is rapidly increasing. In particular, this concerns the possibilities of mobile banking, which now really allows us to do a lot. We can pay utilities, make money transfers, replenish the account of our phone, borrow, buy tickets and much more. In this article I will talk about one of such mobile applications of mobile banking called “UBank”, I will explain, UBank, what the program is, what its capabilities are, and how to work with it.

Описание приложения UBank
UBank application description

The content of the article:

What is UBank

UBank is a mobile application that combines the best banking and insurance tools in one digital product. This is a mobile wallet that allows you to carry out many financial transactions, from replenishing your mobile phone online to paying traffic police fines.

This application is available for all major mobile platforms (Andoid, iOS and Windows Phone). By agreement of UBank developers with Samsung, Fly and Huawei, the manufacturers data phones may include a pre-installed UBank application that cannot be removed in a standard way.

It is known that the creator of this application - the company UBank, appeared on the market relatively recently, in 2011. For a short time, the ideas of the developers managed to please investors (in particular, the international venture fund Runa Capital) so much that they invested more than $ 8 million in it.

At the same time, UBank carries out its transactions through its partner banks, Raiffeisenbank and Moskva Bank, and MDM BANK acts as the issuer of UBank cards.

Карта UBank
UBank Card

What are the features of the UBank application?

In the analysis of the question of what is behind the UBank program, an important place is occupied by the analysis of the existing capabilities of this program. Among its distinctive features and advantages, I would highlight the following:

  • Money transfers (in particular, between bank cards, by phone number, through the national payment system "Best");
  • The possibility of obtaining a loan (microloan), while the decision to issue a loan is usually taken immediately, and the money goes to the card within 15 minutes;
  • Property insurance;
  • Recharge mobile phone;
  • The possibility of obtaining a free debit card linked to a mobile wallet;
  • The ability to replenish the account in various online games (for example, World of Tanks);
  • There is a cash withdrawal service without a debit (credit) card;
  • Support of work with almost all Russian banks;
  • Strong data protection and encryption.

    Программа UBank
    UBank program

After we know what this UBank application is, let's look at how to use the program.

How to use UBank

How to work with UBank? First you need to download and install the application on your phone, register by phone number (via SMS), which your mobile wallet will be linked to from now on.

After that, you will get access to all the features of this mobile application, including the possibility of withdrawing cash without a debit card.

On the title screen, applications usually focus on the operations that the user performs most frequently (plus the massively requested option to replenish a mobile phone account). Moreover, most of the proposed operations are carried out without any monetary commissions, which makes the application more attractive in the eyes of users.

You can replenish the balance of your account either through the terminal or by linking a plastic (debit) card to your account. At the same time, the application has the function of scanning the number of your card, for which it is necessary to bring your smartphone with a rear camera to the card.

Функция сканирования карты
Card scan function

The commission for money transfers between bank cards is, on average, 1-1.5% (own funds) and 7.9% (credit funds).

For lovers of financial monitoring available detailed statistics on the movement of funds on the card, with a detailed indication of the amount of income and expenses.

Отчеты в uBank
Reports in uBank

At the same time I draw the attention of readers that the balance of your e-wallet in UBank may not be equal to the balance of your card.

How to remove UBank

If you are interested in uninstalling UBank, then this application is removed in the standard way. To complete the deletion, just go to the smartphone settings, go to “Applications”, find UBank in the list of applications, tap on it, and go to its settings and click on “Delete”.

If this application was preinstalled on your phone, then deleting it in a classic way will not work. But you can turn it off, for which you need to go to “Settings” - “Applications” - “Everything”, find UBank there, tap on it, and, having entered its option, click on “Stop”, and then “Disable” (if there were updates to it, then before disconnecting the application, click on “Delete updates”). After shutdown, this application will no longer consume the resources of your device.

Удаление UBank
Uninstall UBank


In order to understand what this UBank program is, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the essence of this application, which is a mobile toolkit for carrying out a wide range of banking operations. If you are a supporter (supporter) of modern digital technologies, then perhaps you should look at the possibilities of this program, the latter will be able to significantly facilitate your work on interaction with the modern market of banking services.

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” 2 Comments “ UBank what is this program

  1. Imagine the situation:
    You bought a car, in the trunk found some device that is welded to the body.
    You ask - can I get him out of my car?
    And you are told that the device manufacturer supposedly entered into an agreement with the machine manufacturer and cannot remove it without losing the guarantee.
    The fact that this device takes place in your trunk is half the problem!
    UBANK is a program for working with Internet banking! But none of the banks whose cards I use did not confirm its legitimacy.
    Those. do you think Samsung should trust a certain “Vasya Pupkin”, and if your money goes somewhere wrong, then there will be no guilty people besides you!
    Such programs have the right to life, but to earn a piece of the market in this way ...
    I would not be surprised that UBANK is a scam, bandit methods are painful.

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