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Registered letter Moscow 74 from whom?

Looking through the next pile of ads in your mailbox, we can stumble upon a notice of a registered letter, the sender in which the mysterious “Moscow 74” is indicated. Quite often, a similarly mysterious code “F.22” is also placed in a corner on such a notice, which also does not add clarity to the recipient of such a notice. From whom did the registered letter Moscow 74 come, what could be in it, and what to do when receiving such a notice? We will tell in this material.

We parse, from whom come the registered letters with the sender "Moscow 74"

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What does Moscow 74 mean?

I will immediately disappoint lovers of mysticism and esoterics - this is not a letter from 74 years. » имеет отделение почтовой связи 109074 Почты России, размещённое в городе Москва, по адресу Китайгородской проезд 7. Отделение занято предоставлением классического комплекса услуг почтовой связи, а по вопросам его работы рекомендуется звонить по телефону (495) 6275948 или на горячую линию Почты России 8- (800) 2005888. Codification " Moscow 74 " has a post office 109074 Russian Post, located in Moscow, Kitaygorodskaya passage 7. The office is engaged in providing a classic range of postal services, and on its work it is recommended to call (495) 6275948 or call the hotline Russian Post 8- (800) 2005888.

Отделение Москва 74 на карте
Branch Moscow 74 on the map

The codification "Ф.22" on the mail notification means the standard for the Russian Post form 22 mail notification.

Mentioned form F-22

Receiving a notice with the sender Moscow 74 usually means that the registered letter sent to you was sent using the services of the specified post office 109074 (Moscow 74). Inside such a letter is usually an important correspondence from state and municipal bodies. Which one? We learn below.

What is this letter Moscow 74

What can be located inside the registered letter Moscow 74? In most cases, there is correspondence from state and municipal structures. For example, there may be:

  • Notification of tax authorities about the need to pay tax (for a vehicle, for real estate, etc.);
  • Notification of the need to pay a fine from the traffic police (in the case of the recipient of the vehicle);
  • Summons from courts of various instances (by law, must be sent out 15 days before the beginning of the court session);
  • Various bank offers (deposit rates, offers to extend the contract, make another loan payment);
  • Notices from the Pension Fund (features of the calculation and recalculation of pensions);
  • Letters from insurance companies (problems of refunds, a proposal to extend the insurance contract, write a policy, etc.);
  • Various advertising booklets, brochures, leaflets and other analogues from commercial companies and so on.

    Quite often such letters contain fines from the traffic police

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How to determine the sender of a registered letter Moscow 74

Which of the listed list is the author of a registered letter Moscow 74? To do this, there is no need to go to the post office and personally find out such details. You only need to use one of the following options:

  • Go to the Internet resource of the Russian Post at . You will need to enter a 14-digit numeric code in the search field, which is in the e-mail you received immediately under the top bar-code, and click on enter. Usually after this you will receive detailed data about the sender of the registered letter, and its path to the recipient;

    Используйте 14-значный цифровой код под штрих-кодом в почтовом извещении для идентификации отправителя
    Use the 14-digit numeric code under the barcode in the mail notification to identify the sender
  • Call your post office, and ask the mailers to give you the sender information. Despite the presence of official instructions that prohibit the provision of such information by telephone, mailers often meet people.

Do you receive this registered letter?

Quite a few recipients of such letters try to avoid receiving them. The state usually pays for such letters only when it needs something, and it “needs” it usually pulls off the recipient. Nevertheless, given all the pro and contra, we recommend to go to the post office and receive this letter. Otherwise, pretty soon you may encounter any unpleasant surprises - accrued fines, seizure of assets, blocking of a bank card or a ban on going abroad.

Such surprises are better to warn in the bud, because we recommend to go to the post office and get acquainted with its contents.

Go to your branch for a registered letter.

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Above, we sorted out who the registered letter comes from Moscow 74, how to find out the sender, and whether it is worth receiving such letters. Since such correspondence usually contains important information, we recommend visiting the post office with your passport and notice, and familiarize yourself with the contents of the letter in your name.

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