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Registered letter Volgograd 66 from whom

Looking through the received correspondence among the heap of paper, we can find a notice of a registered letter waiting for us at the post office. The sender of this letter in the notice indicates the mysterious "Volgograd 66", about which we usually do not have any information. What is this strange sender, from whom the letter and what can be contained in the specified registered letter? We will understand this material.

Извещение с рассматриваемым в статье отправителем
Notification with the sender considered in the article

The content of the article:

What is Volgograd 66?

Volgograd 66 is a 400066 post office in the city of Volgograd, located at Volgograd, ul. Mira, 9. The branch is engaged in servicing a number of districts of the city of Volgograd, sending and delivering various types of postal correspondence.

Office phones: +7 (844-2) 334176, +7 (844-2) 334176, +7 (844-2) 334924, +7 (844-2) 334923, +7 (844-2) 334296, +7 (844-2) 334296, +7 (844-2) 334923, +7 (844-2) 334924.

Also, regarding the work of the Volgograd post office 400066, you can call the PR hotline at 8-800-2005888, or contact the email:

Customer feedback on the work of the 400066 department is quite diverse, there is no total negative to the specialists working there. Given the bad reputation of the Russian Post, this is a very good sign.

Отделение "Волгоград 66" на карте
Branch "Volgograd 66" on the map

From whom the notice came Volgograd 66

Receiving a postal notice of a registered letter from Volgograd 66 usually indicates that a registered letter has been received in your name from a state or municipal body. This usually happens:

  • Notice from the traffic police;
  • Litigation;
  • Request from the Pension Fund;
  • Notifications from bailiffs;
  • Bank statements, notices on the state of credit mortgages, etc;
  • Information from the tax service;
  • Advertising leaflets from a variety of commercial companies.

There are several ways to accurately identify the sender. The first of these is to switch to the Russian Post Internet resource , and enter a 14-digit numeric code in the search field, which is under the bar code on the notification of a registered letter. Usually after this you will receive information about the sender of the letter and the steps of the logistic path that has passed through the letter.

код на сайте ПР
Enter the code on the site OL

Another way to get data about the sender is to call the specified post office and try to get this information from the operator. In this case, the result may be different, directly dependent on the mood of the expert at this particular moment. According to official instructions, a specialist is not obliged to provide such information by telephone.

What to do after receiving a registered letter

Having determined from whom the registered letter came Volgograd 66, it is necessary to decide precisely whether it is worth receiving a registered letter from Volgograd 66. If its sender is any federal structure, then it is worth receiving the letter, since it may contain any important information relating to you and people close to you. Ignoring such information can have any negative consequences for your life, so you shouldn’t delay in receiving the letter.

The letter itself will be kept at the post office for thirty days (in special cases sixty days), after which it will be sent back to the sender. Judicial summons are kept only seven days, after which the court may consider that you have been informed about the future court hearing, and start it without you. It is doubtful that you will benefit from this, because it is worth taking a passport and go for the letter waiting for you.

Посетите ваше отделение ПР, и получите ваше письмо
Visit your PR office and get your letter.

You may be interested in our material about the organization of the LLC RSV .


This material has been analyzed what is Volgograd 66, and what to do when receiving a registered letter with this sender. If you find such correspondence in your mailbox, first determine the exact addressee on the Russian Post website, and then decide whether to receive your registered letter. In case of doubt, I recommend to make a positive decision, since the information from this letter can have a direct impact on the course of your life.

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