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Replacing words with synonyms in online text

In this article I will tell you how to replace words with synonyms in the text online, and which network services will help us with this. When writing various materials (especially when copywriting and rewriting) we may need to find synonyms for a number of words. This is usually associated with the desire of the author to increase the uniqueness of the text, but can also be useful when creating easy-to-read text segments that would be read in one gulp, in one breath. In the selection of such synonyms we can be assisted by various online services offering both synonymizing of the whole text and quick selection of synonyms for individual words.

Рассматриваем перечень онлайн-синонимайзеров
Considering the list of online synonymizers

The content of the article:

Features of the functional work of services for the selection of synonyms

The network contains a sufficient number of services for synonymizing, offering fast and convenient selection of synonyms online. Their capabilities allow both Russian-language and English-language synonymizing (i.e., the selection of synonyms), and the result will depend directly on the dictionary selected by the user.

The functionality of such resources usually implies the use of “stop words” (exception words), to select synonyms to which the service will not.

However, some of the free services have a number of limitations in their functionality. For example, you can process free text arrays of small volumes for free, and replacing words with synonyms of large volumes on some resources may be paid.

Некоторые результат работы синонимайзера выглядят довольно забавно
Some of the results of the synonymizer work look pretty funny.

Working with synonymizer services is quite simple. You go to such a site, insert the necessary text for processing into the corresponding field, specify the stop words (if necessary), and click on the synonymizing start button. Almost immediately, you will receive the result in the form of a text changed by the service, in which most of the words will be replaced with synonyms. The text obtained in this way usually needs further processing, with the aim of “preening” and removing a number of semantic errors.

Consider a list of network services that allow you to pick up synonyms online. - multifunctional synonymizer online

The service has quite wide capabilities, supporting user-defined synonyms dictionaries, typographer, batch processing, text replicator, and other useful functions. The free functionality of the site offers a replacement at once for synonyms in the text of up to 500 characters, you will have to pay for the processing of large sections of text.

Working with the Synonyma service is as follows:

  1. Go to the site ;
  2. Enter the text to synonymize in the appropriate field;
  3. At the bottom left, select the desired Russian dictionaries (tick);
  4. Click on the "Synonymize" button and enter the captcha;
  5. Below you will get the desired result, where the synonyms will be highlighted with the appropriate highlighting.

    Сервис обладает довольно полифункциональными возможностями
    The service has rather multifunctional features. - search for synonyms online

This synonymizer boasts a rather large base of various synonyms dictionaries (the largest dictionary includes 700 thousand words). The service also has support for stop words (listed in a special line separated by commas), and a statistical display of the replacements made by the service.

  1. Working with such a service is invariably simple: log in to .
  2. Choose a dictionary on the left, on the right, if necessary, insert a stop word.
  3. And then click on the "Process" button.

    Сервис может похвалиться сразу несколькими базами синонимов
    The service can boast of several synonym bases at once.

After the procedure of changing words in the text, it will be necessary to correct it, since the resulting synonym for the result may contain a number of grammatical and semantic errors. - a free resource for searching for synonyms in the network

The advantages of another domestic service include its completely free character, support for replacing text with synonyms of up to 5000 characters, highlighting the replacements made by the service, as well as automatic calculation of the percentage of uniqueness of the text received. The service also lacks the annoying captcha found on the above-mentioned

Working with the service is no different from working with other resources of this type.

Сервис поддерживает синонимайзинг текстовых отрезков до 5000 слов
The service supports synonymization of text segments up to 5000 words - a large database of synonyms online

According to the developers, the network synonymizer can boast a base of 1,213,478 words, work with unlimited amounts of text, as well as support for stop words. When performing the procedure of changing the words in the text to synonymous, the service will calculate the number of words in the text, and also indicate the total number of substitutions made in the text.

Рабочий экран сервиса
Working screen service - quick search for synonyms for individual words

Unlike other services listed above, the resource only works with individual words, searching for synonyms for them. To work with the site, just go to the resource, enter the desired word in a special line, and click on the "Search for synonyms" button.

In this case, you will get the result from several databases at once, which is one of the advantages of this service.  

Сервис выполнит поиск синонимов для отдельных слов
The service will search for synonyms for individual words.


Replace words with synonyms in an online article can be produced using the services I listed above. All of them have a simple and convenient interface, allowing you to perform a synonymizing procedure in a split second . Text thus obtained usually requires additional processing, since the functionality of these services does not always work correctly with the grammar of the language. However, if you need to perform fast synonymizing, the listed resources can effectively help you by carrying out a convenient search for synonyms online.

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