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Console Russification in Debian

Very often come across servers with pre-installed operating system in English. For example, a different kind of VPS on OpenVZ, Virtuozzo. For convenience, you can change the system language to Russian.

Let's start reconfiguring the package with localizations.

  # dpkg-reconfigure locales 

A window with available encodings will open. We note the Russian UTF-8.


To work on ssh via Putty or VNC this will be quite enough. You can also make additional settings.

Next, select ru_ru.UTF-8.


We start the process of setting the keyboard layout and font for the console.

  # dpkg-reconfigure console-setup 

Select UTF-8.


Then Cyrillic.


And a fixed font.


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      1. The question is how if the package is not put at all. I write to him I install and he can not zero emotions. I added another repository and did not install it from there either. and in general the topic come on HP ...

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