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Advego Plagiatus on Debian 7

One of the disadvantages of Advego Plagiatus - a program for checking the text for uniqueness - is the lack of a version for Linux. And for use you have to be perverted with all sorts of Wine.

To work Plagiatus on Debian 7, you need quite a bit: installed Wine. The only thing that should be added to the installation is the libwine-ldap library.

  # aptitude install libwine-ldap: i386 winetricks 

Also need a windows library for wine. Its installation should be run on behalf of the user whose account you are working with.

  $ winetricks riched30 

Then run the wine configurator, select the “Libraries” tab, find the riched20 library and install it. Save the settings.


It remains to download Advego Plagiatus and install.

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