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Connecting a Canon SX500 IS Camera

One of the problems that prevented me from switching to full use of Debian was incorrect work with my Canon SX500 IS camera. Yesterday put Jessie and decided to deal with the problem deeper.

On one forum I found a tip : install pcmanfm file manager. Followed the advice and, cheers, the camera is connected! :)

ps It turns out that this is relevant only for the xfce file manager.

Scrolling the page by clicking on the mouse scroll in Iceweasel

When using iceweasel, I found a very unpleasant moment: if you click on the scroll wheel on a mouse in an arbitrary place on the page of any site, then instead of displaying the scroll icon, a page is opened in a new tab.

This problem is solved as follows. You need to open the about: config page in your browser, find the general.AutoScroll parameter and set it to true .

Minimize windows windows like windows

Surely everyone knows that in Windows you can minimize all windows by pressing the Win + D keys. In Linux, to minimize all windows, you need to press ctrl + alt + d. This is not very convenient, especially for those who are still switching from Windows to Linux.

In order to minimize windows in linux by pressing the keys win + d, go to the window settings, select the “Keyboard” tab, find the “Show Desktop” item, double-click on this item and click the Win + D combination. All is ready. Now the windows will be minimized by pressing this shortcut.

Сворачивание окон в линуксе нажатием Win+D