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Cheat codes and mods on 2

Many players have already appreciated the game 2. This is an online arcade game in which users need to battle their enemies in order to become more powerful themselves. Using a small cube, we must occupy unallocated card space. At the same time getting experience points. But not everyone knows that the game has cheat codes and mods on 2. They will help us to better deal with the enemy.

The content of the article: 2 game features

The second part of the game 2 was released, which, like the first, captured the attention of many. The essence of the game is to take possession of the entire card, managing a small cube. He moves all the time without stopping. You need to deftly manage it and not expose your tail to enemies. To defeat the enemy, you just touch his tail outside the area he captured. And also until he has time to reach the borders of his kingdom. Further, in the article I will talk about mods and cheats for 2.

The game is fascinating from the first acquaintance with its simplicity and excitement. Something she recalls sensational But here are the rules and features. Each enemy killed is counted by the system and displayed next to the skull icon. For each new captured area of ​​draw space, the player receives points. Each new record is displayed in the main menu. A direct encounter with another player or bot is decided as a draw - both of you finish the game.

Игра 2 2 game

The arcade is available for download on Android and iOS mobile devices. In the game, everyone can meet a real opponent or a bot. But these are not those simple and aimlessly wandering shadows on the map that do not understand where to go or what to do. Bots can really be very dangerous. Be carefull!

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Cheats for 2

The cheat codes in the game 2 allow players to get some game values ​​for free. It has, for example, a package for beginners (Beginner Pack), which is available for 99 cents. But by entering the code, you can get it for free. To complete a direct purchase bypass, you do not need to be able to program or have any special knowledge. You need to enter it into the game console. For Android devices:

  • To unlock the Case package ($ 4.99) - enter KM_dqqMBcS4F9 in it;
  • To receive the Fair Bucket package ($ 2.99) for free - dial ID_4lmBzvrMuk;
  • Beginner Pack ($ 0.99) - TG_38A9ZuT01o;
  • Bunch ($ 9.99) - type in the console TB_9C9EPXCmxp.

If you are playing with an iOS or other Apple device:

  • Package Fair Bucket ($ 2.99) - JG_f2ptyJa2NU;
  • Bunch ($ 9.99) - in the console, type ZS_LE4ooB4hOs;
  • Beginner Pack ($ 99) - EP_52fM8N7dBe;
  • Package Case ($ 4.99) - XD_S77wgTRQs1.

To find out what features you can unlock using these cheat codes on Paper.io2, check out their capabilities on the official website of the game. To enter the game’s special engineering menu, enter V00d00Debug2018 in the console. With it, you can get immortality or open a card with only one player - with you. To do this, put a tick in the engineering menu on the item "Disable Enemies".

Отключение врагов
Disable enemies in the game 2

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Tips and tips on the game

Players are not divided into several categories. There are those who are just interested to try, play, indulge. They are not interested in records. All that is needed is entertainment, or, as they often say, “to get a fuck.” The other 2 players will definitely have to show themselves. They must designate their superiority, and this requires appropriate indicators. Such players often sit for a long time after the game, so that the next day they can show all their friends who is the coolest here.

The following recommendations are more appropriate for the second category. You will learn a few secrets and instructions on how to get the most experience. And how to play so that you will not be killed in the first minute of the game.

  • If you want to stay in the game as much as possible, do not go far from your cherished color spot. The computer plays quite well. Therefore, he can easily take you by surprise. Try to drive your cube not far to the side, but around the perimeter of your base. This will help to return quickly;
  • Do not leave your vulnerable tail behind the screen. Try to keep it in your field of vision in order to quickly react and make the necessary maneuvers;
  • Do not linger on your space. Sooner or later they will destroy you in this way. Try to provoke cautious players. "Bite off" parts of his possessions and quickly return;
  • Do not create narrow and long own bases. So you can easily lose so precious colored areas of your territory. Look for an opponent on the map who makes such mistakes and select his possessions.

    Игровая консоль
    Game console in 2

For killing special players, for example, a cube with a crown (leader), you can get special rewards in the form of new figures instead of a cube. Therefore, fit all efforts, adopt the tips above. Use mods or cheat codes on 2, and you can be a leader among other players.

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