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In this article I will talk about the game, describe its features, and also tell you what cheats are on The popularity of io-genre games ( , and ), which are played by millions of players around the world, inspires developers to release more and more new io-concepts that have an original idea and an exciting game scenario. Today, I offer the reader an acquaintance with another game of this genre - “” (in translation - “brotherly fist”), in which, in order to achieve high results, you will have to show wonders of cooperation, collectivism and mutual assistance.

Читы на
Learn cheats on

The content of the article:

Meet the massively multiplayer online game

The name "" (from English "bro" - "brother, comrade" and "fist" - fist) was not chosen by game developers. The basis of the concept of the game is the collective mutual assistance of many players, without which you simply will not be able to achieve game goals.

When you go to the game website, you will have access to the following game subsystems:

Игровые подсистемы
Game subsystems

"2 Player Adventure" (adventure of two players)

The basis of the plot of this game is a constant movement forward on locations and overcoming game obstacles, while the gameplay is built in such a way that you will regularly need the help of other players.

Players can communicate with each other (you just type your text on the keyboard, and it is displayed above your character’s head). To erase the already typed text will be enough to press the "Enter" key. Further in the article I will talk about useful cheats on

The game character is controlled with the arrow keys.

Your game character is depicted rather schematically (this is just an exclamation mark, turned upside down). With each location passed, the complexity of the game will increase, and you will need to show not only dexterity in managing your character, but also successfully cooperate with other users to solve game problems.

Игровой геймплей в
Gameplay in

"HIDE AND SEEK" (hide and find)

In this mode, all players are divided into two main groups - hiding and searching. First, it takes 1-2 minutes for the first group to hide in gaming locations, and then the second group is given a few minutes to find and catch hiding fellows.

The second group has three times higher speed than the first, because the process of searching and chasing can turn into an exciting adventure.

"GUESS THE WORD" (guess the word)

In this mode, you have to guess the word, made by the user. The set of letters from which the word is located is at the bottom of the screen.

Отгадайте требуемое слово в режиме "GUESS THE WORD
Guess the required word in the mode “GUESS THE WORD” Tips

Users recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Find a playmate in 2 Player Adventure. This game will help you chat;
  • While driving, try to move together, not far from each other;
  • Use the Google Chrome browser to reduce the number of lags in the game;
  • The game is rich in various surprise surprises. Maintain utmost attention during the gameplay, as well as learn the cheats for the game;
  • In the “HIDE AND SEEK” game mode, the fact that those who are looking for higher speed does not mean that they cannot be escaped from them;
  • In the “GUESS THE WORD” mode, a game screen can be used for hints on which you can draw the word you need.

    Игровой процесс часто выглядит довольно забавно
    Gameplay often looks pretty funny.

Cheats for

To facilitate the gameplay, there are various cheats for in the form of browser scripts, presented, in particular, on the website

  • Working with hacks for requires the installation of a special Tampermonkey extension for your browser (for Chrome and other browsers on the Chromium core) or Greasemonkey (for the Firefox browser).
  • Then you go to , select the necessary hack from the list, and click on the button “Install this script”. The script is installed, then you go to the website, and play the game already with new features.

The website contains the following scripts for

  • brofist 2play - this cheat allows you to turn off walls, accelerate, and also disable gravity (you can move across the screen). After installing it, press the “3” key (the key activates / deactivate the cheat), to turn the walls off and on, use the DF keys, to quickly move around the screen, use the Q, W, E, R . And gravity control is performed using the keys "Z" (maximum gravity), "X" (normal gravity), "C" (no gravity);
  • 1 part of the cheat and 2 part of the cheat - cheats, written by Russian enthusiasts. Depending on the version, they allow you to open a mini map, change gravity, use acceleration. Activating all buttons requires the Num Lock button on;
  • brofistio hack - its functionality is similar to the cheats already described above, etc.

You can also use a special script from the site , Install “Tampermonkey” on your Chrome, and then install the script itself. If you install the script does not automatically receive, then do the following:

  • Copy all the text from this file;
  • Click on the “Tampermonkey” button on the top right of your browser window, and then select the “Dashboard” (control panel). The panel will open,
  • In this panel, click on the “new script” button (new script) on the top right;
  • Delete all the code there. Then paste the code you copied there before, and click on the save icon at the top left.

This cheat script allows you to transfer to any point on the map (click on the “Escape” during the game, enter the required coordinates and press enter). Use your mouse wheel to zoom. The Numpad 4, 5, 6, and 8 keys allow you to move left, down, right, and up with gravity turned off, and the Numpad 9 key retains gravity. The keys Numpad 1, 2, 3, and / allow you to quickly move left, down, right and up, and pass through obstacles.

Используйте работающие читы на
Use working cheats on

Conclusion is an exciting game of the genre of io. Games, offering you cooperation with other players to achieve game results. If you overcome the locations it will be hard, use the cheats on - they will allow you to pass location after location without any problems.

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