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Among the many multiplayer online games " " stands somewhat apart. Indeed, unlike other io-games - , where you need to fight with competitors for leadership, the principle of cooperation is put in the basis of, when passing the next level depends on well-coordinated actions of several players. The original game concept, as well as a solid number of players, create an attractive playful atmosphere in which you can spend quite a long time. In this case, each subsequent level can be given harder, and, in the end, the player gets stuck on any of the levels. To fix this, you should use the cheats for this game , and in this article I will tell you what are the cheats on, and how to use them.

Играем в с читами
Play with cheats

The content of the article:

Instead of competition - cooperation

The essence of the gameplay in is to control the cursor, which must be conducted through the game maze from point A to point B. It would seem that everything is simple, and this game is another exercise to coordinate our movements, but this is not quite so. Some obstacles for the player not to pass on their own, need help from other players, while it is almost impossible to communicate with them in any way, since all you have is a cursor on the game screen.

, обычно обозначающего проход на следующий игровой уровень. Therefore, you need to show ingenuity, patience and endurance to go further, and walk to the green square , which usually indicates the passage to the next game level. At the same time, there are situations when for passing a level it is necessary that someone from the players because of you sacrifices his passing, which sometimes turns into a fascinating test of the moral qualities of the players.

Разгадывайте загадки Курсор.ио
Solve riddles of

Cheats on - options

At the time of this writing, there is one effective script-cheat that allows you to get a number of gaming advantages. For example, this is the ability to freely move the cursor to previously inaccessible places, improve the response of the system to a mouse click, the ability to click on all the buttons on the game screen and so on. I recommend installing the “ Greasemonkey ” extension (if you have a Firefox browser) or Tampermonkey (Chrome, Chromium browser) on your PC before installing this script, their functionality can be useful for the correct operation of these scripts.

Установите расширения "Greasemonkey" и "Tampermonkey" для корректной работы со скриптами
Install the "Greasemonkey" and "Tampermonkey" extensions to work correctly with scripts

Script hack

At the moment it is the only working script that allows the player to easily pass to any accessible location on the screen (including passing through the red zones), simultaneously press all the buttons on the game screen, write text in the game, and so on.

  1. To work with it, go to the resource , click on the “Get the script” button, copy the script text that opens in the screen.
  2. Then open the console of your browser ( Chrome : Ctrl + Shift + J; Firefox : Ctrl + Shift + K; Internet Explorer - F12 and click on "Concole"; Opera : Ctrl + Shift + I), paste the text of the script you previously copied and click on "Enter".
  3. According to the developers, this script works best on Google Chrome, on other browsers its work may be unstable.

After activating this script, your cursor will be able to fall into any available zones, the sensitivity of the mouse click will be increased.

  1. To press all the buttons on the game screen, press the ~ key;
  2. Clicking the asterisk (*) will turn on marker mode;
  3. Pressing the minus (-) will create a circle around your cursor;
  4. Clicking on the plus (+) will allow you to draw a picture;
  5. To write the text, type the desired text (in English letters) in lower case, and then press "Enter".

This cheat can also be downloaded from


At the moment, the cheats are represented by a script that allows the player to go through walls, simultaneously press all the buttons on the game screen, write text to other players, and so on. If other mods and cheats appear on, we will add them to this material, in the meantime use the hacking functionality of hack on your PC.

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” 17 Comments “ Cheats on

  1. All top works! I draw when I try to draw normally through the walls I pass, immortality is super like!

  2. guys everything works for me)))) if you have a problem do not blame the cheat please !! and still it is necessary to modify it a little so that it passes through the colored walls. otherwise it only happens when I press the buttons, but sometimes I get stuck !!!!

    1. I don't think so, because ALMOST ALL THE PLAYERS blame the script, why? That's because you spend an hour on copying, and when you insert the script it doesn’t work for you niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiga ...

  3. When you copy and after clicking on an enter game, the game restarts and the terminal is terminated, garbage and not cheat
    + spent an hour to copy the script ...

    1. Hahaha yes there is a script to copy less than a minute the wheel to twist several times and that's it! And there is an hour there even if one word is copied there and then there will be less than an hour. And the fact that an hour to copy is fiction.

      1. the script is really big, you don’t have to turn the wheel a couple of times, you’re twisting it 20 times until it stops

  4. TamperMonkey is installed, I have Google Chrome, open the console, enter .. Connecting, then Lost connection to server, tell me what am I doing wrong?

  5. it doesn't work for everyone, and I have a script in my console, I press Enter and then there is coneting and then Lost conection is crap and not a normal cheat

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