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Surely many of my readers would like to feel in the role of a hacker hacking a variety of computer systems. The next game of the popular io-genre called “” will allow you to be in this role, “hacking” the computers of other users, and engaging in fascinating confrontations with other players. In this article I will tell you what this game is, what are its features, and also tell you what are the cheats on

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The content of the article: - gameplay features

The free MMO game allows you to try on the role of a hacker, hacking into the computers of other players. The more successful hacks you have, and the more effectively you defend yourself against hacking, the higher your rank and place in the player list (in particular, you can achieve such ranks as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum , "Diamond" and so on).

Gameplay consists of choosing another victim from the list provided by the game. Then you click on the "Hack" button, and select one of several ports through which the hacking will be carried out. Then you will need to alternately type in the special line the English words that will be represented by the game, until the progress bar reaches 100% of the mark. Thus, you hack your first competitor, and you can leave him some text message about this.

After that, you can go to the black market and purchase any special equipment. These can be new databases for generating coins (make you richer), a cooler firewall and other useful tools. When other players try to hack you, your firewall will gradually creep down. To prevent this, you need to buy additional charging for the firewall, since a successful hacking of your system will cause the loss of your virtual money.

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Cheats on s0urce io

Users who have already enjoyed the game, would like to use cheats for, which can significantly facilitate the gameplay, as in the browser games and At present, there is only one working hacking that can activate the functions “Auto-Protect” (automatic protection), “Auto-Buy” (automatic purchase of all necessary), “Auto-Hack” (automatic hacking).

To use this hack for, you will first need to install on your browser a special tool for working with scripts " Tampermonkey " (for the browser "Google Chrome", as well as other browsers on the Chromium core) or for " Greasemonkey " (for browser "Mozilla Firefox").

Установите расширения "Greasemonkey" и "Tampermonkey" для корректной работы со скриптами
Install the "Greasemonkey" and "Tampermonkey" extensions to work with scripts
  1. After installing this tool on your browser, you will need to go to the website , and click on the large “ Install script ” sign.
  2. You will see a page with the script code, where you will need to click on the "Install" button.
  3. After installing the script, you will be taken to the game site itself, where you can select the necessary cheat options by checking the checkboxes.
  4. Click on the “Tampermonkey” (Greasemonkey) icon in the upper right of the browser window and make sure that the “S0urcehak” option is set to “On” (enabled).

After that, you will have to enter the game under your login, and enjoy the functionality of this cheat.


Playing will make you feel like a hacker, hacking into other users' computer systems. If the gameplay is not quite successful for you, then use the cheat for, which will facilitate the gameplay, and achieve significant gaming success. Go for it.

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