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Empires & Puzzles Secrets, Tricks, and Tips

The Empires & Puzzles game released in the fall of 2017 quite harmoniously combines elements of the game genres “strategy” and “three in a row”. You have to not only build your castle, create and pump your heroes as in traditional strategies, but also fight with other opponents with the help of the popular logic puzzle “collect three”. At the same time the game "Empires & Puzzles" has its own characteristics, tricks and secrets, which I will discuss in this material.

Разбираем секреты и советы к игре
Parse the secrets and tips for the game

The content of the article:

The game "Empire and puzzles" - gameplay features

The game " Empire and puzzles " has a well-drawn, high-quality graphics, pleasant music and quite an exciting gameplay, inspecting to spend many hours of their time playing the game. You have to build and develop your castle (citadel), recruit and pump your heroes, fight with various enemies. The combat system of the game is built on the use of the “three in a row” game algorithm, where finding several symbols of the same type in their various combinations (three or more figures) means not only getting game points, but also different types of strikes against your opponent.

Игру отличает высокий уровень визуальной и аудио составляющей
The game is distinguished by a high level of visual and audio component.

The features of the game allow you to fight with the heroes of other players, join clans and alliances (and chat with members of the alliance), jointly oppose the most powerful monsters (titans), and complete special missions for a big reward.

There were no drawbacks in the game either: the game is too monetized (free receipt of heroes of 3-5 stars is difficult), there is no competent balance of resources in the game, the rollback of events was incorrectly executed (the start of the game event may be inconvenient for the player). There is a lack of necessary incentives to achieve a high rating in player versus player mode (“PVP” mode).

Top tips and secrets for Empires & Puzzles

The guide to this game would have turned out to be quite extensive, but I will stop at the list of those tips and secrets of "Empires & Puzzles" that can be most useful in this exciting game.

How can I get rid of a previously built building?

No And there is no secret, the developers emphasized on this their question, denoting that the buildings you built will be useful in the later stages of the game "Empires & Puzzles". Therefore, it is recommended to think over in advance where your future buildings will be located, besides, in the process of improving your citadel, you will have free spaces for new buildings.

How to improve the level of the hero?

The level of your hero is recommended to increase immediately to a dozen points, and not to collect a fraction of one or two points. The trick is that in this way you will save more food.

What buildings are better to pump?

First of all, focus on pumping farms (supplying food), mines (giving iron), as well as a watchtower. After the maximum pumping of your farms and mines, increase the level of your castle (the process of increasing may be delayed, stock up with iron).

Грамотно расстраивайте свою Цитадель
Properly upset your citadel

How and when can you join the alliance?

You will be able to join the Alliance reaching 4 game level. After reaching the specified level on the main screen, you need to click on "Alliances", and then on the "Search". If nothing is entered into the search bar, a list of alliances will open.

When you join the Alliance you will be available to the battle with the Titans. In this case, in the newly created Alliances, initially you will fight with weak Titans, then the level of opponents will grow.

Сражайтесь с титанами в альянсе с другими игроками
Fight titans in alliance with other players.

What are the best heroes to fight with Titan?

A bunch of heroes of Kailani and Brien, capable of inflicting significant damage to the titanium, has proven itself well.

How best to fight?

Actively use the color advantage of your characters. When conducting a complex battle, do not rush to choose the simplest combinations, look for those in which you can use several bonus rows. Stock up on various support tools for the battle (for example, potions). The secret of Empires & Puzzles is to save mana for the most powerful heroes from your squad. Try to destroy enemy fighters in succession, this will allow you to take less damage in battle.

In the “player versus player” battles (ie, “PVP”), you can earn points and resources, and due to this increase in the global ranking of players. Remember that you are not fighting directly with another player, but with his characters under computer control. The latter will actively use the advantages of the heroes, because the fight can be quite difficult. Given this, choose to fight opponents with a team of not pumped heroes, which is weaker or equal to your strength.

Бой в "Империи и Пазлы"
Fight in "Empire and Puzzles"

How to transfer my account to another device?

This feature is not provided in Empires & Puzzles. If you really made good progress and the game on the previous device is impossible, then write your request to the developers on the following e-mail:

You can also use a special form on the game website, where you can specify:

  • In the line “your e-mail adress” is your e-mail;
  • "Subject" - the subject of the request;
  • "Description" - the specifics of the problem;
  • "Platform" - select the OS under which you play the game (Android or iOS);
  • “Account identifier” - account identifier, which can be found by going to Menu (Menu) - “Settings” (Options) - “About game” (About);
  • “Select the topic” - indicate the topic of the appeal, in our case this is “Account issue” (account problems);
  • Then click on “Submit”.

How to start the game again?

If reinstalling the game was not effective, you will have to create a new Google account (or get a new “Apple ID”), and play with them already.


To effectively play the Empire and Puzzles game, I recommend using the tips, tricks, and secrets listed in this material as well as studying the available game guides. It also wakes up with a visit to the VC and Facebook game communities - many of the questions that users have are dismantled.

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  1. The game becomes senseless. I think that more than 3 * do not even give for accumulated crystals. There is no possibility to drop. Yes, and the amounts are impressive. And where is the guarantee? For tatana the trash is everlasting. Worse than for titanium. Chests are also not encouraging. Even it would not be desirable to fill in. Work pliz. Otherwise, you can’t call a pumping money.

  2. The game came out earlier than the fall of 2017. Since April 5, 2017, it has already been played ...

  3. Contract 4 times caused the call of the elements. Got 2 Poisons and 2 Dawa. IMHO, the developers are either fools or they consider us fools. I think it's time to tie up with the game.

  4. Who knows, help. I came from work, I entered the game, but I am not in the alliance. Rebooted, without effect. I tried to go to another alliance. They write: `your request cannot be executed, come back later. 'What should I do? I can't shave with tyrants. Soon the war, my alliance will need help.

  5. Timon and Pumba invites to the alliance. Minimum requirements, we play for fun. Nobody drives anyone anywhere. In general, Akuna Matata)

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