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Game Invest Hotels with the withdrawal of money

The laurels of the founder of the financial pyramids, Charles Ponzi, do not give rest to many businessmen, both in our country and abroad. No sooner had the sensational epic with “MMM” and “MMM-2012” authored by Sergey Mavrodi died down, as the Internet flooded projects based on exactly the same basis - the passion of the average person for “easy” money. In this article I will talk about one of these online projects - the game “Invest Hotels” with the withdrawal of money, I will explain what the essence of this project is and how it works.

Изучаем игру с заработком
We study the game with earnings


Empires & Puzzles Secrets, Tricks, and Tips

The Empires & Puzzles game released in the fall of 2017 quite harmoniously combines elements of the game genres “strategy” and “three in a row”. You have to not only build your castle, create and pump your heroes as in traditional strategies, but also fight with other opponents with the help of the popular logic puzzle “collect three”. At the same time the game "Empires & Puzzles" has its own characteristics, tricks and secrets, which I will discuss in this material.

Разбираем секреты и советы к игре
Parse the secrets and tips for the game


Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC

In the article, I will discuss two ways to play Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC. This is an exciting action mixed with strategy, as well as a mass of approved reviews. Last Day on Earth: Survival is a game in which you are invited to plunge into a world where the virus has hit all the people on earth and made horrifying and bloodthirsty zombies out of them. The character you control is one of a small number of people who are lucky enough not to succumb to the influence of the virus and now his main task is only survival.

Обложка игры Last Day on Earth: Survival
Cover of the game Last Day on Earth: Survival


Create cartoon online by yourself

Once, cartoons were created only by professionals at movie studios specially equipped for this purpose. But it took a little time, and now anyone can try themselves in the role of a multiplier. There is a huge number of sites that provide the ability to create a cartoon. But the functionality of most of them is limited to the generation of motion of objects drawn by you, using the storyboard. Naturally, if you are not a professional artist, then you will not be able to create a full-fledged cartoon on such resources. Therefore, we consider in the article the best, in my opinion, service that allows you to create an online cartoon at home, namely,

Фрагмент видеоролика, созданного с помощью goanimate
These are the cartoons we can create using the service «»


Cheats on

Surely many of my readers would like to feel in the role of a hacker hacking a variety of computer systems. The next game of the popular io-genre called “” will allow you to be in this role, “hacking” the computers of other users, and engaging in fascinating confrontations with other players. In this article I will tell you what this game is, what are its features, and also tell you what are the cheats on

Изучаем читы на
Learn cheats on


Cheats on

In this article I will talk about the game, describe its features, and also tell you what cheats are on The popularity of io-genre games ( , and ), which are played by millions of players around the world, inspires developers to release more and more new io-concepts that have an original idea and an exciting game scenario. Today, I offer the reader an acquaintance with another game of this genre - “” (in translation - “brotherly fist”), in which, in order to achieve high results, you will have to show wonders of cooperation, collectivism and mutual assistance.

Читы на
Learn cheats on


Crafts on

Among all the many io-games ( , , ), is one of the most exciting games. The player has to survive from the first seconds of the gameplay, while the number of threats is quite large, and you have to try hard to live at least one game day. To survive in, you need to create special tools - craft that will help you survive the game as much as possible. In this article I will tell you what craft there are to, and also list a few tips that will allow you to act more effectively in the game.

Крафты на Старв.ио
Learning Kraft on


Black Desert does not start via GameNet

Every day lovers of online games are becoming more and more, and this is understandable, because the possibility of competing with real players brings much more satisfaction than the struggle with the NPC. A prime example of such a popular game is Black Desert, which players value for a huge open world and wide gameplay possibilities. Unfortunately, the technical improvement of the game led to its complication, which means that the chance of various errors has increased. Therefore, fans often have to deal with the fact that Black Desert does not run through GameNet. The reasons for the errors and to be understood.

Ошибка запуска
Error launching Black Desert


How to know if the game will go on my PC

In this review, based on my experience, I will tell you how you can find out and check if the game will go on my computer. The gaming industry is an integral part of modern culture. Games are developing and require more and more powerful computer components. For owners of top-end hardware, there are no problems. But if the user is the owner of a budget computer, there may already be nuances, and therefore the question of how to know if the game will go on a PC is quite relevant. It should be borne in mind that games today can cost a lot of money and you want to have at least some confidence that the game will work as intended.

Проверяем пойдёт ли игра на ПК
Check whether the game will go on the PC


Error 1073 in 4game “Error while loading components”

Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, the share of online games is constantly increasing. This is understandable, because competition with real people is always more interesting than with game characters running artificial intelligence. Today there are quite a few trading platforms selling licensed copies of games. However, some system crashes are sometimes noted and the game does not start. For example, some users are faced with the fact that during the installation of components, the system notifies that an error 1073 occurs during the loading of components of 4Game games. What is this and how to deal with this annoying “Error during loading of components” trouble and will be discussed further.

Ошибка 1073
Error Loading 1073