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Moo moo io with cheats

The last two years have been a benefit performance of various io-games.,, and are simple, with simple graphics, but massive, popular and incredibly exciting - they all attract the attention of more and more new players. In this article, I will introduce my readers to the latest novelty of the io.igr industry - the multiplayer game , talk about its features, and also list a number of existing cheats for this game.

Знакомимся с игрой
Meet the game

The content of the article:

What is

The creator of the game is the Australian developer Sidney de Vries, already known for such works as, and not accidentally chose the rather extravagant name “Moomoo” for his new game. Indeed, in this game you have to build your farm, develop it and defend, fighting off various opponents who want to destroy your character and profit at his expense (points are relied on for killing enemies in the game). is pretty similar to its MMO predecessors. At the beginning of the game you get a pickaxe, with which you will collect trees, stones, and food. Thanks to the above resources, you can create barriers and build windmills that will give you points, thereby promoting your character on the ladder of game achievements.

In the process of scoring points, you will be provided with options for further upgrade, and it depends only on you who your hero will become after a certain time.

Cheats on gameplay is not easy for everyone. Some players are quickly killed, others can not build a farm, others do not reach the required level. That's why many users start searching for Moomoo io cheats, which can facilitate the gameplay, and give valuable advantages compared to other players.

I suggest the reader to use the mods that are installed on your browser. Before installing them, you must first install special extensions for the browser Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome, Chromium, Opera), making it possible to work with these cheats.

Используем читы к игре
Use cheats for the game

Mod All-In-One (all in one)

According to the developers of the All-In-One mod, this cheat offers automatic treatment, a detailed mini-map, a radar of enemies, a specialized counter of the collected inventory and other important advantages.

To install it, click on the link above, click on the “ Install the script ” button, and install this mod to your browser. Then go to the game resource, and try the mod in action.

Cheat Mini Map (mini map)

The game mode Mini Map adds a special minimap to the game screen, which makes it easy to navigate the terrain and track enemies.

Downloading and activating a mod is done in the same way as installing the previous All-In-One mod.

Cheat BLAINE'S VERSION (Blaine Version)

MOD BLAINE'S VERSION offers its users automatic treatment, automatic food, a detailed minimap, automatic messages, the choice of an automatic (or constant) attack and other goodies.

Downloading and installing the mod is similar to the two modes listed above.

Mods Mods v2.0 (second version mods)

This mod offers such advantages as "God mode", automatic health, minimap, tracking of enemies, the inclusion of the constant attack system and other bonuses

To download this mod, go to the resource , and click on the “ Download now ” button below (do not forget to install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey for your browser before installing).

Other cheats for the game Moo moo io you can download on the resource

Попробуйте Мод Mods v2.0 с ресурса
Try Mods Mods v2.0 from the resource


If you are looking for an opportunity to play with cheats, then I recommend using these mods to your browser, adding new features to the gameplay. In this case, do not forget to first install the extensions for the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey browsers - without them, the functionality of the listed mods will be absolutely useless.

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