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It seems that survival games have always been popular. They are full of excitement, involvement in the process, bright emotions and a desire to survive in the game at any cost. The emergence of simple and at the same time extremely exciting level games,, only spurred attention to the games of this genre, and now thousands of players spend a lot of their time behind them. But if you are dying in the game time after time, then more and more thoughts come to your mind about using game cheats, which can greatly facilitate the gameplay. In this article we will tell you what cheats are for the mass of 2000000000000, and also give some tips on how to complete this wonderful game.

The content of the article: is an exciting MMOG for thousands of players around the world.

As you know, the game (mopio) belong to the MMO-games of the genre "survival". In it, you control a character who will need to go through the steps of the evolutionary chain from a small mouse (shrimp, chipmunk) to large and powerful animals. Your hero will eat the plants and hunt other animals (with a blue contour) and avoid predators that hunt you (displayed in red contour). As you gain experience (XP units), which reflects the amount of food consumed, you will evolve into a larger biological form, and you will be able to hunt smaller prey.

The evolutionary stages of animals on

All animals in the game are divided into three main classes: oceanic, terrestrial and arctic. Each of the classes prefers its own habitat and does not tolerate conditions that are not comfortable for it (for example, oceanic animals die on land). It is necessary to consider the class of your animal and choose the conditions most comfortable for its living.

It is possible to gain weight in the game by eating red balls, biting the tails of predators and eating smaller animals that are below you in the food chain. When wounds heal stones in the form of pink octagons - they heal health and restore the current water level.

This is interesting: with cheats. with cheats - implementation features for today

Many of the users would like to play on the mass of 2000000000000 with cheats. The ability to use cheats in is significantly limited, as game developers regularly update the game code and eliminate holes in the game functionality. However, below we will describe the existing cheats at the moment, but we cannot guarantee their performance. What works today may not work tomorrow. So:

Teddy Bear Mod Pack

The “ Teddy Bear Mod Pack ” cheat was previously available as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. During the game, it allowed to include various additional features in the form of displaying special trackers of approaching enemies, ghost mode and other features. Now withdrawn from the Chrome extension store, but may become available later.

Job teddy-bear-mode


This cheat for exists in the form of a script for the browser. To install it, you will need to install special extensions for the Tampermonkey browser (Chrome browser and its analogues) or Greasemonkey (Fifefox).

After installing these extensions, go to the website and click on the “Install this script” button. In the functionality of the Chita, the zoom operation, skin change and other features are declared.

Устанвоить скрипт
Click on "Install this script"

Cheat on XP units

This cheat for Mopio previously worked, now is not relevant. Perhaps it will work in the future, it is worth taking a note.

Do the following:

  • Go to ;
  • Enter your nickname and select the initial animal;
  • Start the console (for example, by pressing ctrl + shift + j);
  • и нажмите ввод; Type xp = 99999999999999999 and press enter;
  • Enjoy millions of XP units received.

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Tips for passing

After we brought the cheats for to the mass of 2000000000000, we will list a few more tips on how to complete this exciting game:

  • . The class of animals that you should be especially wary of are those who are one level higher than yourself . You become a priority for them, as they can get more XP from you;
  • . No need to assume that the higher you are in the evolutionary chain, the easier the game . On the contrary, the higher your level, the more assertive and purposeful the predator hunting on you becomes. Get ready for a long and focused hunt for you;
  • . Avoid dirt, especially when you are a mouse or rabbit . Pigs can easily grab you when your hero crosses that zone;
  • . When you chase any animal, try to predict its next movement . This will help to overtake the goal more efficiently;
  • . When you yourself run away from a predator, then make sure that you use all the available terrain features to avoid the chase . For example, a predator may be too large to cross a gap between hills. You can easily use the latest to escape persecution;
  • . Keep track of your location on the map . Many newcomers being pursued do not notice how they fall into the dead zone of the map. Keep track of your location, it will save you from a lot of accidental deaths;
  • And most importantly. . Remember, who is not persistent in achieving the goal on - he dies .

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In our material, we sorted out how to play with cheats on the mass of 2000000000000, and also led a number of tips that allow you to go as far as possible in the game . Since there are quite a few cheats on and they are regularly monitored by developers, no one guarantees that even current cheats work. Nevertheless, try the options we have suggested, look for other options for cheats, and any cheat will work for you. Good luck!

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