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Recent years have been marked by a surge in popularity of io-games - ,, , etc. Schematic graphics and simplified sound, but at the same time a bright and original concept, and as a result - a massive passion for browser-based online games around the world. In this article I will talk about the next newcomer to the io-games series - the game “”, introduce readers to the secrets and tips for this game, and also tell you how to play with cheats. с читами
Meet the game


Day R Survival - Secrets, Cheats & Passage

Games of the genre "survival" have always enjoyed deserved popularity among many users. The process of survival after the “nuclear winter”, when the benefits of civilization are almost destroyed, and crowds of gangsters and mutants now roam the previously flourishing cities, it can be quite fascinating, able to capture the player's attention for many game hours. The game "Day R Survival" is a vivid representative of this genre, the player will have to solve a host of problems associated with food, food, clothing, heating, overnight stay and other related issues. In this article I will talk about the game "Day R Survival", as well as describe the secrets of passage and cheats for this exciting game.

Учимся выживать в "Day R Survival"
Learning to survive in "Day R Survival"


Cheats on

Among the many multiplayer online games " " stands somewhat apart. Indeed, unlike other io-games - , where you need to fight with competitors for leadership, the principle of cooperation is put in the basis of, when passing the next level depends on well-coordinated actions of several players. The original game concept, as well as a solid number of players, create an attractive playful atmosphere in which you can spend quite a long time. In this case, each subsequent level can be given harder, and, in the end, the player gets stuck on any of the levels. To fix this, you should use the cheats for this game , and in this article I will tell you what are the cheats on, and how to use them.

Играем в с читами
Play with cheats


Moo moo io with cheats

The last two years have been a benefit performance of various io-games.,, and are simple, with simple graphics, but massive, popular and incredibly exciting - they all attract the attention of more and more new players. In this article, I will introduce my readers to the latest novelty of the io.igr industry - the multiplayer game , talk about its features, and also list a number of existing cheats for this game.

Знакомимся с игрой
Meet the game


Skins for (skins)

In this article I will tell you what kind of game is , what are its features, and also explain how to change skins to The success of the multiplayer online game inspires many developers to try to repeat (and even improve) the achievements of this game, both in terms of popularity and in terms of its monetization. One of the subsequent development of the game concept is the recently released MMO game “”, which has already managed to acquire a strong army of fans.

Выбираем пользовательский скин для
Choosing a custom skin for