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Recent years have been marked by a surge in popularity of io-games - ,, , etc. Schematic graphics and simplified sound, but at the same time a bright and original concept, and as a result - a massive passion for browser-based online games around the world. In this article I will talk about the next newcomer to the io-games series - the game “”, introduce readers to the secrets and tips for this game, and also tell you how to play with cheats. с читами
Meet the game

The content of the article:


Surely, many of my readers are familiar with the popular survival game Killing Floor. It is necessary to repel zombie attacks that occur in waves, with each new wave more powerful and more dangerous than the previous one. In the break between the waves, the player has the opportunity to prepare for the next attack of the dead, buy the best weapon, take the best playing position.

The creators of the new MMO game took the concept of Killing Floor and the graphics of another popular io game,, as a basis. The main goal of the game was survival - during the day you build a camp and get ready to attack, and at night you fight off the hordes of the dead, who will strive to storm the walls in order to reach and destroy your treasury (gold depository building).

С каждой волной сила мертвецов будет возрастать
With each wave, the power of the dead will increase

You can build walls and various types of shooting towers, build gold mines and other buildings, upgrade them, improve your own weapons with the help of cheats and mods. A bright feature of the game is the presence of a cooperative mode (up to 4 people), which allows combining the efforts of several players to achieve a result.

Cool browser game: .

Secrets and tips

  To get as far as possible in this exciting game, I recommend to do the following:

  • Build 8 gold mines as fast as possible to increase your income in gold;
  • Build your base near the resources (better than several) - so you will save precious time;

    Старайтесь размещать свою базу возле источника ресурсов
    Try to place your base near the source of resources.
  • A good option would be to build a base in the corner of the screen to cut off part of the base from the attack;
  • The treasury building cannot be moved, but other buildings may be sold or rebuilt;
  • Use the magazine (key B) to upgrade your pickaxe, do not skimp on another weapon for protection;
  • The upgrade of the walls is very important - with each wave of the zombies all the stronger, and in the subsequent waves their strength will unpleasantly surprise you;

    Сильные стены - это серьёзная заявка на успех
    Strong walls are a serious claim to success.
  • After every 8th level (9.17 and so on) a boss appears. If you attack and kill him, you will receive a golden bonus;
  • Put towers wisely, as each type of towers has its own characteristics that are important to consider;
  • Combining the forces of several players means that the number of attacking zombies will also increase.


Since the game is completely new, the cheats are only being developed by a group of enthusiasts. At the moment, there is only a mod to for the Google Chrome browser, correcting problems with the constancy of the gaming connection (for some players, the game may crash during the gameplay).

To install this mod for the Google Chrome browser, go to the Chrome store , and click on the "Install" button.

Если у вас проблемы со стабильным игровым коннектом - попробуйте "Zombs IO Play Mods"
If you have problems with a stable gaming connection - try “Zombs IO Play Mods”

As cheats appear in, we will add data about them to the material of this article, so stay tuned for our updates.

You can also read our article on cheats on .


The game “” is a fascinating representative of the survival genre, built on the general concept of io-games. Those who have played it at least once will surely appreciate the exciting gameplay and original game idea, and the cheats that will appear in the future (they will be added to this material later) will give players new abilities against the hordes of the dead. Stay tuned for updates to this material.

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