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mytop: MySQL monitoring

MyTOP is a console application for monitoring active processes and the total MySQL server load. Almost like htop.


  • Perl 5.005 or newer
  • Getopt :: Long
  • DBI and DBD :: mysql
  • Term :: ReadKey

Пример мониторинга mysql с помощью mytop

All that is needed is to install the program in the standard way.

  # aptitude install mytop 

Then create the .mytop file in your home folder.

  # nano /root/.mytop 

And type in the following file:

  user = db_user_name
 pass = user_bd password
 host = localhost 

In the first line we write root, in the second - its password. The file is saved.

The program can be run with specific keys.

- u: username
- p: user password
- h: ip address of the server to connect to
- P: if mysql is running on a non-standard port, using this key you can specify the port
- s: update rate, default 5 seconds
- d: name of the database to be monitored

Site mytop (eng).

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