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0300300001 The file does not comply with the xsd scheme

When filing reports via electronic communication, we may receive a response letter from the tax authority, which contains information about errors 0300300001 “found in our reporting file“ The file does not comply with the xsd scheme ”and error code 50 in the CWR-STAGE . Typically, this problem is associated with an outdated version of the program for creating and sending reports, requiring the user to take steps to update it. In this article I will sort out what the error is 0300300001 "The file does not correspond to the xsd scheme", and what are the ways to fix it.

Ошибка 0300300001 при предоставлении нотариальной отчётности
Error 0300300001 when submitting notarial reporting

The content of the article:

What does this mean "The file does not conform to the xsd scheme"?

The “XSD-scheme” mentioned in the text of the error is used to describe the order of location and possible values ​​of elements in the xml-file. Such a file is the basis of reporting, and is sent via various telecommunication means of communication to the local INFS. There there is a check and identification of errors, if any, the report is rejected by the tax authority. Then the sender receives a negative protocol with error message 0300300001.

Causes of the error "File does not conform to the xsd scheme" with the code may be as follows:

  • The sender uses an outdated version of the software for creating and sending reports;
  • The outdated (incorrectly working) version of the software is installed on the servers of the tax authority itself;
  • One of the report fields is not filled out (for example, “Code of the final tax authority”). The reason is quite rare, however, it can cause error 0300300001.

    Parse the causes of error 0300300001

How To Fix Error 0300300001

To get rid of the error "The file does not correspond to the xsd scheme", you must do the following:

  • If you received a protocol (or another version of the notification) about the presence of error 0300300001, then first of all I recommend to contact the tax authority for clarification. Of course, the tax authorities may send you to technical support or restrict themselves to other versions of excuses and formal replies, but the first step should be to contact the appropriate tax authority;

    Обратитесь за консультациями в налоговый орган
    Ask your tax authority for advice.
  • Update your reporting program to the latest version, and then redirect your report. You can search for the latest version of the program either on the manufacturer’s website or use the tools integrated in some accounting software for updating;
  • Contact the technical support of your program, and point out the existing problem with the error "0300300001". Perhaps you will be prompted how to act in this situation;

    Обратитесь за консультациями в службу технической поддержки
    Contact technical support for advice.
  • Carefully check all your report fields for correctness. For example, earlier this error occurred when sending the 6NDFL form in a situation when the “code of the final tax authority” field was not filled. Usually it is filled automatically (mechanical transfer of the field "IFS code" is carried out). Try to fill in this field manually, and then send the file itself. Also check the filling name of the sender in the details of the parent organization.

Please note that if you sent the reports on time and the tax authorities refused to accept due to an incorrect declaration format (error 0300300001 was found), the tax authority cannot fine you for not providing the declaration.


The error “The file does not conform to the xsd scheme” usually occurs in a situation when the version of the program for sending reports is outdated and does not conform to the standards currently in force. It is recommended to update your software product to the latest version, after which the error 0300300001 is usually eliminated.

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